Mom thinks “ladybugs” on the bed are a sign of good luck – but they are actually bed bugs

“I found a mom and a baby ladybug on my bed – something beautiful is going to happen today!”

Everyone loves a ladybug – they are just the cutest and it always feels like a fairy tale when one gently lands on one.

This is exactly how a mother felt and was so touched that she was actually lucky enough to see two at the same time, that all she had to do was share a cute snapshot on Facebook.

“I’ve always been drawn to ladybugs … I don’t know what it is. I just feel connected to them, ”she wrote.

“This morning I found a mom on my bed and a baby ladybug on my bed and I have the feeling that today is my day and something beautiful is about to happen!

“Do you all have lucky signs? Share your stories – feel positive. “

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When the over-excited mother shared her photo of ‘ladybugs’, she was informed of the disgusting truth … Source: Reddit

Mom keeps disgusting pests in bed for ladybugs

However, the mom’s adorable post has since been shared on Reddit, where people were quick to reveal the disgusting truth about their new friends.

“Tho … these are bed bugs, ma’am,” emphasized one Reddit user, and another added, “These things are going to make your life hell.”

“She should call them Itchy and Scratchy,” quipped a cheeky Redditor.

While others were a little more helpful by offering solutions to get rid of the nightmare pests.

“Lavender oil and long clothes when going to bed (full-sleeved shirts, sweatpants) help a lot!” one suggested.

“My exterminator’s ‘test’ was literally a bowl of dry ice. Apparently CO2 attracts them. The next morning? Dead bed bugs in the bowl,” said another.

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