Mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and chikungunya bite Mumbai – The New Indian Express

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MUMBAI: Dengue, malaria and chikungunya cases are on the rise following a decline in COVID cases in Mumbai. The country’s financial capital reported 57 chikungunya cases this year, up from zero in the previous two years.

Sources in the BMC Citizens’ Bureau said 4,731 non-fatal malaria cases have been reported in the city. The number of cases was 5,007 with one death the previous year. Similarly, 800 dengue cases were reported with three deaths, up from 129 cases and three deaths the previous year. In 2019 there were 920 cases and the same number of deaths. Chikungunya has returned to the city after two years.

Vector-borne diseases are on the rise not just in the city of Mumbai but across the state. The state health department said the total number of chikungunya cases exceeded 2,000, a massive increase from 782 cases last year. Health officials attributed the increase to intermittent rain.

In Mumbai, doctors said there was an increase in chikungunya and dengue cases. “That is worrying. We asked the pesticide control officers to focus on containing the mosquito breeding, ”said a BMC official. The surge in virus and chikungunia cases prompted the state health department to step up surveillance.

Dr. Pradip Awate, the state surveillance officer, said the field workers are doing door-to-door surveillance. “Every year our sales force conducts two surveys that include entomological tests and fever. They look for fever cases and mosquito breeding grounds. We asked our team to record all cases and also start treatment, ”he said.

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