Mouse infestation calls for the Astoria Pizzeria to be temporarily closed

ASTORIA, QUEENS – The cheesy pies at an Astoria pizzeria reportedly drew more than hungry people into the store as the eatery closed last week in part due to the presence of mice.

3 Bros 99 Cent Pizza, a dollar-slice pizza place on 25-03 30th Avenue, was closed by the Department of Health on Nov. 17 after an inspector hit the bakery with multiple violations, including the presence of mice, records show .

However, a worker at the store told Patch on Tuesday that the store’s floors and walls were in need of renovation and are now open again; A health ministry spokesman confirmed with Patch that the pizzeria “corrected the violations and was authorized to do so on [Monday]. “

However, the recent closure came as no surprise to some neighbors who are aware of the pizzeria’s storied health history.

After photos of the closed store were posted on an Astoria Reddit thread, a neighbor described the pizzeria as “gross” and added that this was the second time 3 offices have closed for “terrible hygiene.”

While Patch has failed to confirm to the Ministry of Health that the agency has closed 3 offices in the past, the pizzeria has seen a large number of violations since it opened in 2016.

In-store mouse and fly violations date back to 2019, and the first indications of “public health threats” in the pizzeria – namely, storing food at unsafe temperatures – were recorded in 2017, records show.

However, this latest shutdown was initiated by a routine inspection on November 8, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

During that inspection, the agency saw “several areas of non-compliance with food safety requirements” – including evidence of mice, cockroaches and flies, as well as problems with food contamination and plumbing – but determined that the pizzeria could fix the issues immediately and stay open.

In order to close, restaurants must have committed a public health hazard that cannot be addressed during the inspection, DOH records show.

However, when the agency returned two weeks later, they found that 3 Bros had failed to make the required security fixes. “We concluded that the restaurant could not be operated safely and asked them to close,” said the spokesman.

However, as of this week, the pizzeria has reportedly fixed and reopened the violations, though not all neighbors are convinced they will return.

“It wouldn’t make sense to go there even if it was open,” wrote a neighbor on the Reddit thread, noting that alongside past health violations, they think the pizza doesn’t taste good.

“There are many other options for a piece nearby, both cheap and expensive,” they wrote.

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