Nan, who lives in a rat-infested house, claims a rodent jumped out of the closet on her grandson

A grandmother lives with her family of five in an “uninhabitable” meeting house that is infested with rats and moisture.

Anita Tyrell, of Hounslow, west London, said the humidity had gotten so bad that an appraiser said the house was “uninhabitable”.

She also claims that her sons have difficulty breathing due to the humidity and that a rat jumped out of a closet on her little grandson.

Disabled nan, who barely manages to go down the stairs, added that she has been waiting for her home to be made wheelchair accessible for six years, reports MyLondon.

She said, “I feel like a prisoner in my own home. I just want to live a normal life.

Anita says that she feels like a prisoner in her own home as she barely makes it down the stairs

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“I have rats in my house, one jumped on my grandson. Like my sons, I have breathing problems from asthma and the humidity makes it worse. I’m so tired and scared.”

She continued, “I’ve contacted the council for years about the issue. I just want a wheelchair and can’t have one because the council doesn’t sort my house.”

The family says they taped material to the baseboards to hide the crumbling wall underneath, and placed fragrant flowers, pots, candles and plants throughout the house to “mask the terrible smell of moisture.”

There are reports of holes in the floors and ceilings caused by rats, and Anita fears that her home could collapse due to the damage.

An appraiser described the house as

An appraiser described the house as “uninhabitable” because of the moisture

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She said that the only time the council had people trying to do work on the house they had shown up unannounced.

Anita said, “There are a lot of problems with this house. I am a proud woman and I keep the house clean and try to hide all the smell and damp walls.

“I can’t expect to live like this. If they start tearing down walls with all the dust and rubble and I’m still in this house, I might die from my breathing problems.”

She added, “I need to be relocated while at work or at least they need to warn me before they show up at my home and want to start work right away without warning me.”

The family says they taped material to the baseboards to hide the crumbling wall underneath

The family says they taped material to the baseboards to hide the crumbling wall underneath

Anita said the humidity had gotten so bad that she paid a private appraiser to come over and review it in July, but claims the council has done nothing since then.

The conclusion of John Soulsby, the evaluators’ investigation, was, “Clarifying this will cause a lot of inconvenience and disruption. By normal standards the property is not human habitation. This is due to the humidity, which is badly needed.” Job.”

Councilor Lily Bath, Vice Chair of Hounslow Council, said, “Our teams have hired pest control services to process the tenant’s infestation reports and an appraiser will be on hand soon to do a full investigation this week.

“The council will be happy to relocate the tenant if the appraiser, after completing a full report, deems it necessary to relocate the tenant during the urgent work.”

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