New pest control business in Peterborough seeks green solutions

A healthy respect and love for some of nature’s smallest living things has led the owner of a new pest control business to seek non-chemical, sustainable, and long-term solutions to his customers’ problems.

“When I was growing up, I had a huge collection of insects,” says Josh Diffin of Diffin Pest Control.

“I was the boy who ran through the reeds with an insect net and was bitten by everything,” he adds with a laugh.

After working with several pest control companies in the Hamilton, Niagara area, Diffin knew he had found his calling.

His first break involved holding a branch covered with a swarm of bees.

“It was both horrific and one of the funniest experiences of my life,” he says.

“I loved every second of it.”

However, when he learned more about his chosen profession, Diffin said it always bothered him that he was so dependent on chemical solutions.

“Insecticides do not discriminate,” explains the fully licensed pest fighter, noting that such solutions can solve a specific pest problem, but are not without consequences.

“They still affect the entire biosphere in the area.”

Rodenticides can also cause unnecessary secondary poisoning in pets and birds of prey. Diffin says a variety of non-chemical options, such as strategically placed snap traps, bait stations, and identifying and eliminating entry points, can be used primarily to minimize the level of chemical intervention required.

Diffin relies on green strategies or, if absolutely necessary, uses chemicals sparingly and specifically in the problem area – mostly inside, thus minimizing the impact on other insect and plant life and the water table.

Ultimately, Diffin says, the key is understanding the behavior and nature of the pests you want to eliminate, and implementing strategies for success that will end up being much more cost-effective for his customers.

With no overheads for chemical treatments, an office and employees, he could pass the savings on to his customers and offer discounts, “for almost everyone”, from first aiders to the elderly.

“I’m no frills,” he says, adding that it’s not about the money and that he wants to help solve problems in the community he lives in, including hopefully working with the city on the street a bait program to rule the city’s growing rodent problem.

Especially when it comes to issues like bed bugs, Diffin says he’s willing to work with lower-income people, who too often fail to seek adequate help because they are concerned about the cost.

“I’m ready to work on any deal we can to get rid of them,” he says.

“Nobody deserves to live like this.”

Diffin says he wants to build his business on a backbone of sustainability and environmental stewardship, and relationships that are based on trust and accountability for his work. For more information about Diffin Pest Control call 289-687-9739, email [email protected], or visit their website.

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