New transmitter masts are installed in Florence after damage by carpenter bees and woodpeckers

The birds and bees wreak havoc in Florence and put the care teams to work.

WAAY 31 saw a wooden power pole now riddled with carpenter bees and woodpecker holes. This allows the elements to penetrate and erode the poles.

Jeanie Maner, who lives in Florence, told WAAY 31 that there was some action going on on her quiet Park Street this week, with large steel and concrete transmission masts.

“You can actually see the damage on most of the original poles. It’s all the way up, and it’s crazy to watch it because you can see the woodpeckers during the day,” she said.

New 75-foot transmission masts can last for up to 100 years and withstand higher winds.

“Given the storms and the damage we have in this area, it’s great comfort to know that you don’t have to worry about the power poles and we have an amazing utilities department,” said Maner.

So far the city has installed around 12 masts. If you’re wondering if steel power poles attract lightning, the utility says it doesn’t. Every mast, regardless of its material, has a grounding system at the base that scatters lightning bolts into the ground.

Maner, who is a part-time artist, told WAAY 31, while watching the crews at work, they were actually giving her pieces of the old rod.

“I’ll do something with them, maybe a nice koi pond. Who knows? I see a lot of potential here, ”she said.

The Utilities Department said if they can fix the wooden stakes it’ll cost about $ 600, but to get them new it’s $ 4,000 each.

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