Numerous cockroaches in ‘all stages of life’ crawling throughout facility: Chester County restaurant inspections Oct. 10 | Restaurant Inspections

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.

Coatesville City

Allen’s On First, 374 South 1st Ave., Sept. 27. Pass. Warming cabinet was sitting on plastic crates. Containers used for commercially prepackaged food are considered single use and may not be reused for food storage. Cutting board was observed deeply scored. The floor in the new prep room located in the back of the store has a wood floor. Ready to eat food, including lunch meat was without date markings. Chlorine bleach is used for sanitizing. Room to the back of the facility was converted into a pizza prep room. 

Primo’s Mini Market, 35-37 Strode Ave., Sept. 27. Pass. Chlorine bleach is used for sanitizing. Shelf above the three compartment sink had a buildup of dust and grease. Sandwich bain marie was at 50 degrees F rather than 41 degrees F. Lunch meats were opened without date-marking. Caulk around the three-compartment sink was cracking and moldy. Ceiling tiles in cooking area are dirty from splash. Cooking exhaust hood is due for cleaning. Certified food manager’s certificate expired.

Downingtown Borough

East Branch Brewing Company, 202 East Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Sept. 30. Pass. No violations.

Chester County Technical College High School Brandywine Campus, 443 Boot Rd., Sept. 29. Pass. No violations.

Georgio’s Limelight, 149 East Lancaster Ave., Sept. 29. Pass. All potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in the refrigeration units, need to be date marked.

Kimberton Whole Foods,150 East Pennsylvania Ave Suite 230, Sept. 28. Pass. Entire backroom flooring, the walk-in refrigerator flooring and the wall above and below the three-bay sink are in need of cleaning. Mops are not hung to air dry.

Moose, 233 West Lancaster Ave., Sept. 28. Pass. Exhaust hood, filter, and vents are starting to get a buildup of grease. Food particles were in the electric slicer. One of the three bay sinks have a leaking faucet.

The Orangery at Glen Isle, 130 South Lloyd Ave., Sept. 28. Pass. The interior of both microwaves need to be cleaned.

East Bradford Township

Tiny Changes Brewing Company, 841 Shenton Rd., Oct. 1. Pass. No violations.

East Brandywine Township

Dunkin Donuts, 1245 Horseshoe Pike, Sept. 30. Pass. The walk-in freezer door will not properly seat and has an ice buildup. Snacking bacon is held at room temperature. 

Michelangelo’s Pizza, 1223 Horseshoe Pike, Sept. 30. Fail. Severely dented, swollen, distressed canned items observed in the dry storage area and intended for use. There is a gap between the filters in the deep fryer hood ventilation system. The chlorine concentration in the sanitizing solution of the three-bay ware wash sink was over 200 parts per million, rather than 50-100 ppm as required. The waste drain line is missing from the handwashing sink. Grease and soiled debris on the cook line flooring, especially near the deep fryers. Kitchen reach in freezer 22 degrees F. Portioned salad dressings were being held at room temperature. 

East Marlborough Township

Organic Life LLC, 706 Wollaston Rd., Sept. 30. Pass. There were 20 bottles of juice past the sell-by dates between Sept. 5 and 12 in the customer reach-in refrigerator.

Walmart, 516 School House Rd., follow-up, Sept. 30. Pass. Clean and organize the prep area. Clean the walk-in refrigerator ceiling in front of fans. Water staining and an accumulation of liquid on the floor under the urinal in the men’s bathroom. Brooms being kept in trash receptacles. Ice starting to accumulate on the outside of the fan guards of the walk-in freezer. There is a crack in the mop sink. The gaskets of the reach in refrigerators are in disrepair. 

China Garden, 826 East Baltimore Pike Suite 3, follow-up, Sept. 29. Pass. No violations.

East Nantmeal Township

Camp Hill Special School, 1784 Fairview Rd., Sept. 28. Fail. In the main school building, no sanitizer is being used for ware washing in the kitchen. In the Meadowsweet building, the downstairs Kindergarten kitchenette did not have hand soap available at the hand sink. In the walk-in refrigerator, coolers full of food were stored directly on the floor, rather than 6 inches off the floor as required. In the walk-in freezer, a large amount of ice was building up on the floor and should be cleaned. The Ansul fire protection system in the Meadowsweet kitchen was last serviced in 2018, and needs to be serviced again. Facility does not have a certified food manager. Two dented cans were found at the school store and were removed to be returned or discarded. -Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kit to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. 

East Pikeland Township

King Chef Restaurant, 278 Schuylkill Rd., Sept. 28. Pass.  Ceiling vent cover in main kitchen above bulk dry good containers unclean. Debris hanging from ceiling vent in main kitchen above three-basin sink. 

Liki Japanese Hibachi Sushi, 243 Schuylkill Rd., Sept. 28. Fail. Several open bags of bulk dry goods stored on dry storage shelf in kitchen. Cases of single use cups stored on floor in kitchen. Leak at faucet base at hand wash sink in kitchen. Assorted cases of food stored on floor in walk in freezer. Scoop handle submerged in rice container in walk in cooler. Valid parasite destruction letter available. Potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in the walk in cooler is not being date marked. Wet absorbent cloth stored in bain marie cooler at Sushi line. Floors and floor edges throughout the kitchen, including under equipment at cook line, all sinks and dishwasher need further cleaning. The shelves throughout the kitchen and exterior of cook line equipment need further cleaning. The interior and exterior of all cooling units need further cleaning. The floor drain covers and debris covered pipes throughout the kitchen. The wall behind the cook line equipment and three bay sink need further cleaning. Replace the ceiling vent cover in the public men’s restroom. Common food labels lacking on prepared foods in walk in cooler. Wooden knife holder on prep table in kitchen unclean. Soap was not available at the hand wash sink in the Sushi prep area. 

Easttown Township

Metz Culinary Management at Shops at Devereux, 119 Old Lancaster Ave., opening, Sept. 27. Pass. Non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil. 

Phil’s Famous Pizza & Steaks, 521 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Sept. 27. Pass. Thermometers for ensuring proper temperatures of food are not available or readily accessible. Mice droppings were under the soda fountain cabinet, shelving and equipment. A utility sink or curbed cleaning facility with a floor drain is not provided in the food facility. Clean all floors and ensure that you are doing so daily to clean up all mouse droppings throughout the facility. Behind the cooling units in the back prep room is not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil. Squeeze bottles were not labeled in the kitchen. The food facility does not maintain certified food manager records.

East Vincent Township

Seven Stars Inn, 263 Hoffecker Rd., follow-up, Sept. 30. Pass. No violations.

Spring Hollow Golf Course, 3350 Schuylkill Rd., Sept. 30. Fail. In the kitchen, one of the hand wash sinks did not initially have paper towels available. In the bar area, the hand wash sink did not initially have soap or paper towels available. A large piece of a cheese wheel in the walk-in cooler was moldy. Three severely dented cans were discovered in dry storage and set aside for return on site. The blade of the tabletop can opener in the kitchen has some encrusted grime. The inside top of the ice machine has some grime. It is not in contact with any ice. The panini grill in the kitchen has some grease and grime collecting on it. The Avantco refrigerator in the bar area has some liquid gathering on the bottom of the inside compartment. Multiple items throughout the kitchen were not properly dated. Both the three-compartment sink in the kitchen and the three-compartment sink in the bar use quaternary-ammonia (quat) based sanitizer. Raw eggs were stored above pickles and creamers in the walk-in cooler. Chlorine chemical sanitizer residual detected in the final sanitizer rinse cycle of the low temperature sanitizing dishwasher was initially reading as 0 parts per million. The facility does not have a certified food manager.

East Whiteland Township

Compass One at Endo Pharmaceuticals, 1401 Atwater Dr., opening, Sept. 30. Fail. The surface of the dishes in the dishwasher did not reach 160 degrees for sanitizing. The facility does not maintain a certified food manager. Fruit cups and juices, located in the self-serve refrigerator, and held more than 24 hours, is not being marked with a date. Absorbent rags on top of lettuce in the refrigerator in the kitchen. Old unused granite slates stored in back storage area of the kitchen, should be removed from food facility.

House of Biryanis & Kebabs, 309 Lancaster Ave. Suite C#1, follow-up, Sept. 30. Fail. Numerous foods were held at 45 to 50 degrees F, in the bain marie, rather than 41 degrees F or below as required. Wet wiping cloths in kitchen area, not being stored in the correct sanitizer solution concentration. Equipment throughout the facility needs to be cleaned and sanitized. The dry storage containers holding spices and sugar need to be washed before refilling containers. The entire facility needs to be thoroughly cleaned. All walls, floors, and shelves need to be cleaned. The back door was open. Insufficient lighting in the ware washing area. Time in lieu of temperature being used in the food facility to control ready to eat potentially hazardous foods without written procedures or documentation to verify disposition of food. Food contact equipment and utensils throughout the facility need to be cleaned and sanitized. Old unused equipment stored in kitchen area, should be removed from food facility. The bain marie in the cook line area is broken and has a temperature of 48 degrees. Ceiling tiles throughout the back kitchen are dirty, cracked, missing or broken. Numerous cockroaches in all stages of life crawling throughout the facility.

Himalayan Exotic Cuisine, 81 Lancaster Ave Unit 10 and 11, follow-up, Sept. 28. Pass. No violations.

Dollar Tree, 225 Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Sept. 27. Pass. No violations.

Venice Pizza & Pasta, 60 East Lancaster Ave., follow-up, Sept. 27. Pass. Raw eggs were stored above ready to eat foods.

Honey Brook Borough

Speedyz, 4621 Horseshoe Pike, follow-up, Sept. 30. Pass. Floor in walk-in has not been repaired.

Kennett Square Borough

Buddy’s Burgers, Breasts & Fries, 148 West State St., Oct. 1. Fail. Customer utensils are not stored to protect the mouth piece from customer hands. Milk shake machine wands and unit must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Clean soda machine nozzles. No paper towels were supplied at the hand sink. Bottom left drawer of the unit under the flat top does not shut tightly. Inside of microwave needs cleaning. Rags in the deep fryer cabinet interiors are collecting grease. The floor is very grease coated.

Kennett Brewing Company, 109 South Broad St. Suite 2, follow-up, Oct. 1. Clean the stove and flat top.

Country Butcher, 602 East Cypress St., Sept. 28. Fail. Salad bain marie was 50 degrees F. Foods in the unit were 49 degrees F. Hand sink for bakery was blocked by crepe maker while employee was making crepes. Chicken and sausage were sitting in pans of standing water to thaw. Ingredient labels are needed for the Chicken and rice soup, pot pies, and quiche. Two bay sink in meat area is not being properly used. Replace rusty clamps used for the sausage stuffer. Clean the area above and behind the panini press. Remove cardboard from spice rack.  Clean display case door tracks. Defrost white upright freezer. Clean wall behind griddles.

Taqueria La Mixteca, 700 West Cypress St., opening, Sept. 27. Pass. No violations.

Kennett Township

Paleteria Y Neveria Manantial, 9149 Gap Newport Pike, Sept, 28. Pass. Quaternary ammonia tablets are being used as the sanitizer now instead of bleach. 

London Grove Township

Afaf Coffee, 341 Gap Newport Pike, Sept. 29. Pass. Provide test strips for the quat sanitizer at the three compartment sink. Provide thermometers inside the refrigeration units. Screens on-site but not installed.

Acme Markets, 851 Gap Newport Pike, complaint, Sept. 28. Fail. A review of deli slicer cleaning frequency with staff it was indicated that the slicers are not washed, rinsed and sanitized at least every four hours. The shelving under all equipment, edges of all equipment and flooring under all equipment in the deli needs thoroughly cleaned.

Lower Oxford Township

Lincoln University Dining Facility, 1570 Baltimore Pike, Sept. 28. Fail. The hot water used for sanitizing in the mechanical ware washing machine did not reach 180 degrees F or 165 degrees F for stationary rack. The final rinse temperature did not exceed 117 degrees F.

Lincoln University Wellness Center Food Court, 1570 Baltimore Pike, Sept. 28. Pass. No violations.

Marvelous Market, 1570 Baltimore Pike, Sept 28. Pass. No violations.

Malvern Borough

Common Good Pizza & Tap, 189 Pennsylvania Ave., Sept. 30. Pass. Side walls and curtains are needed for the tent where pizzas are prepped. 

J. Scott Catering, 189 Pennsylvania Ave., Sept. 30. Pass. All floor drains in the kitchen and the vents in the walk-in cooler in the prep kitchen need cleaning. The food facility does not have a hand wash sink located in the food prep area. An insect control device located above a food prep table has the potential to contaminate food, equipment or utensils. Employee eating food in the kitchen area. Food dispensing utensil in flour observed stored in the food. Employee is not using available sanitizer test strips or test kit to determine sanitizer concentration. Two prep tables being propped up on a wood block. There is a wood plank at the bottom of a prep table near the ware washing area. Food facility is reusing plastic containers, which is intended to be a single-service or single-use article.

Malvern Buttery, 233 East King St., Sept. 29. Fail. No written procedures or documentation to verify foods are discarded or consumed within four hours of being placed on the buffet. In the customer self-service area, prepackaged baked goods did not have labels containing ingredients, sub-ingredients and declared allergens. The handwashing sink in the dishwashing area, the hand sink near the coffee bar and the bathroom sinks are not at 100 degrees. The lights on the exterior of the hood system are flashing. Replace the ceiling tiles in the prep area and back in the dishwashing area after fixing any leaks. Wet wiping cloths throughout the area are not being stored in sanitizer solution.  Employee is not using available sanitizer test strips or test kit to determine sanitizer concentration. Cloth-lined baskets are being used in direct contact with bread/dough without being properly ware washed prior to re-use. Numerous time and temperature control for safety foods were at 53-60 degrees F in the customer service area. Absorbent rags were stored under containers in the bain marie. Chlorine chemical sanitizer residual detected in the final sanitizer rinse cycle of the low temperature sanitizing dishwasher was 0 parts per million, and not 50-100 ppm as required at the beginning of the inspection. Ice buildup on the chest freezers throughout the facility.

Parkesburg Borough

Ye Old Towne Deli, 302 Main St., Sept. 28. Pass. Floors under the steam table and pizza prep refrigerator, under freezer and in the downstairs walk-in refrigerator were dirty from food debris. Floor in large walk-in cooler located next to front take-out service counter appears to be damaged. Shelves and door on True glass door refrigerator located near pizza prep area were dirty from food residue.  Shelves in True glass door refrigerator in food prep room were dirty from food residue.

Penn Township

Chester County Technical College and High School, 280 Pennock’s Bridge Rd., Sept. 29. Pass. No violations.

Phoenixville Borough

Molly Maguire’s Restaurant & Pub, 195-197 Bridge St., Sept. 28. Pass. Food like debris splatter on several storage shelves behind the Fenix main bar. Clean and sanitize all shelves. Clean soda gun holders. Heavy debris on ceiling vent cover in main kitchen near kitchen door. Clean floor under ice bin at main bar in The Fenix. Water stained ceiling tiles in basement dry storage room, and replace ceiling tile missing when plumbing issues are completed in basement. Fruit flies observed behind bar in the Fenix bar. Grate cover missing on bar cooler unit behind bar on second floor. Food like debris on table top can opener blade. 

South Coatesville Borough

Bongo Inc., 563 South First Ave., Sept. 27. Pass. When hand washing sink was running in the men’s room, the floor mounted urinal began to fill indicating a clog in the waste line. Ice bins and ice maker are plumbed directly to waste line without an air gap. 

South Coventry Township

Red Dog Market, 1503 Ridge Rd., follow-up, Sept. 25. Pass. No violations.

Tredyffrin Township

Nudy’s Café, 120 West Swedesford Rd., follow-up, Sept. 30. Pass. No violations.

Cup of Dreams Coffee & Tea, 5 Paoli Plaza, opening, Sept. 27. Pass. No violations.

Upper Uwchlan Township

Epicurean Garage, 570 Simpson Dr., Sept. 29. Pass. Facility does not have a certified food manager. True reach-in cooler at the rear cook line had an ambient air temperature of 44 degrees F. Sanitizer levels were low in the mechanical dishwasher and at the three-compartment sink. The soap dispenser at the handwashing sink near the cook line range did not work. Ice machine had discoloration on the side walls and drop plate. Discoloration on the blue cutting board. Soiled areas on the flooring under the back cook line. Deteriorated paint on the wall near the mop sink. Greenhouse flooring is plywood. Several time and temperature control for safety foods that are prepared on site and held in refrigeration exceeded their required seven-day shelf life. 

Lemon Tree Guo, 520 Simpson Dr., follow-up, Sept. 28. Pass. No violations.

Uwchlan Township

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza, 379 West Uwchlan Ave., follow-up, Sept. 28. Pass. The walk-in cooler has no light guard. The facility does not have a certified food manager.

Valley Township

Dollar Tree, 120 Airport Rd., Sept. 29. Pass. Soap was not available at the hand wash sink in the men’s restroom. Retail area and back storage area are cluttered and floors are dirty. Restrooms are dirty.

Rite Aid, 128 Airport Rd., follow-up, Sept. 28. Pass. No violations.

West Chester Borough

Atexquita Mexican Restaurant, 505 East Gay St., change of owner, Sept. 30. Fail. A full time employee must become certified within 60 days. Shellstock located in the one-door freezer did not have identification tags attached to the bag. Chicken Tinga was held at 49 degrees F, in the food prep table on the make line, rather than 41 degrees F or below as required. The three-door under counter refrigerator was found operating at 45 degrees F and was empty of food. An open employee’s beverage container was on the make line-a food preparation area. Large containers of beans, meats and pots of food in the walk in refrigerator were stored open with no covering. Potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in the walk in and other refrigerators are not being date marked with the date they are made. 

Penn Street Pizza, 241 East Gay St., follow-up, Sept. 30. Pass. No violations.

West Goshen Township

Philly Pretzel Factory, 1075 West Chester Pike, Sept. 28. Fail. Clean the floors throughout the food service areas, especially under and behind equipment. At the salting station, base coving is missing and wall panel and floor tiles are damaged. Green wire shelving and faucet handles at the hand wash sink need to be cleaned and sanitized.

Pop Up C-Store at West Chester University Aramark, 225 North Campus Dr., opening, Sept. 27. Pass. No violations.

West Fallowfield Township

Pasquale’s Pizza, 3104 Limestone Rd., Sept. 28. Pass. Certified food manager certification is expired. Provide ingredient information for prepackaged desserts. 

West Goshen Deli, 105 Westtown Rd., Sept. 28. Fail. Food service equipment has been arranged without Department and Township approval. Clean the floors throughout the kitchen, especially under the equipment. On a shelving unit near the three-bay sink, several containers of chemicals were found above or beside food and food contact equipment. Residential-style bug spray under the two-bay sink. 

West Nantmeal Township

St. Mary of Providence Center, 227 Isabelle Rd., Sept. 28. Pass. The food facility does not have a certified food manager.

Westtown Township

Burger King, 1502 West Chester Pike, Sept. 30. Fail. Sliced cheese observed stored in the raw chicken breading bain marie. Employee’s certified food manager certificate expired. Leak at the drain under the sanitizing compartment of the three compartment sink. Employee did not change gloves and wash hands after drinking and touching face mask. The outer surface of the drain under the bun holder, the edge of the top of the meat well, the top part of the drink station near the ice machine and the outer surface of the water lines by the chicken prep station needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Employee personal belongings were hanging by the pan storage rack. Several water-stained ceiling tiles above the ordering line. Floor and wall surfaces around the ice maker, HVAC vents and ceiling and floor and walls in the drive through area need to be cleaned.

West Whiteland Township

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, 100 Exton Square Parkway, Oct. 1. Pass. Accumulation of debris along the vent cover above the three compartment sink. Missing ceiling tile in the dry storage area. 

Totally Twisted Pretzel, 293 Exton Square Parkway Space 2914, Oct. 1. Pass. Leak at the faucet of the three compartment sink.

Giant Food Store, 153 East Swedesford Rd., Sept. 28. Pass. A dozen severely dented canned items were on the shelves intended for use or sale in the food facility. The door gasket on the dairy cooler is in disrepair. The hand was sink is blocked. Continuous drip of water at the three compartment sink. Multiple ceiling stiles are stained. Leak at the two compartment sink faucet. Leak at the food preparation sink faucet. Food debris along the bottom shelving of the juice reach in refrigeration units. Debris along the three compartment sink floor drain. Dust and debris along all of the ceiling fan covers in the walk-in refrigeration units, including the meat preparation area. 

Kiwi Yogurt, 243 North Pottstown Pike, Sept. 28. Pass. Replace the light shield above the walk-in refrigeration unit. The exit door located in the back of the food facility has a gap and does not protect against the entry of insects, rodents and other animals. Cauulk along the back of the three compartment sink is in disrepair or missing.

Profile by Sanford, 151 West Lincoln Highway, Sept. 27, Pass. No hand wash soap at the hand wash sink in the men’s restroom. 

Willistown Township

General Wayne Elementary School, 20 Devon Rd., Sept. 29. Pass. No violations.

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