Oh rats, the Tecumseh Council weighs its options after complaining about a rodent infestation

Tecumseh is facing a rat problem as local residents urge city council to take urgent steps to address it.

Mayor Gary McNamara said complaints about rodents in residential areas had increased.

“Over the past few years in particular, we’ve seen an increase in the number of people calling and having problems with rodents on the property,” said McNamara.

Tecumseh’s advice has three ways to get rid of rodents: They are:

  • Maintaining an improved education campaign for residents that started in 2018.
  • Start of a pilot project in which the city would cover up to 50 percent of the costs of removing rodents once a year per property.
  • Focusing the pilot on defined neighborhoods where rodents are a problem.

The council will decide during the 2022 budget deliberations whether to spend at least $ 10,000 on a pilot project to subsidize residents who want to eliminate rodents.

Mayor Gary McNamara says complaints about rodents in residential areas have increased. (Katerina Georgieva / CBC)

Meanwhile, McNamara said that it is all residents’ responsibility to do things to eliminate the rodent population.

“It’s important that we all take on a bit of responsibility and basically do a little inspection of your property,” he said.

McNamara listed the following as contributors to the growing rodent population:

  • Bird feeder.
  • Omit food for strays and pets
  • Composting.
  • Large pile of wood.

“So we need to take a good look at all of our properties and see if we take any action to colonize rodents,” McNamara said.

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