Over fifty insects in the reception area, dead cockroaches in the wash area: York County restaurant inspections November 13th | Restaurant inspections

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a risk-based inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food processors.

Conewago parish

Primary school in the municipality of Conewago, 1189 West Elm St., Nov. 1 Pass. No violations.

Dallastown borough

Similarities, 109 East Main St., Nov. 1 Pass. No violations.

East Manchester Township

Dunkin donuts, 105 Glen Dr., Follow-up, Nov. 1 Pass. No violations.

Hanover district

Clearview Elementary School, 301 Randolph St., November 3rd. Passport. No violations.

Street School Hanover, 101 East Hannover St., Nov. 2nd Pass. No violations.

Papa Johns, 1083 Carlisle St., Nov. 1 Pass. Static dust build-up on the pizza oven. The hand basin in the sink area is leaking. The door to the toilet room was open. The food ingredient storage container in the front preparation area is not marked with the general name of the food. Build-up of static dust on the hood baffles on the pizza oven. There are no lightbulbs in the walk-in refrigerator. A dead cockroach-like insect in the sink area of ​​the food facility.

Jackson Township

Spring Grove Middle School, 244 Old Hanover Rd., Nov. 5 Pass. Celery and onion filling, a chilled, ready-to-eat time and temperature control for safe food, had passed the seven-day expiration date and must be disposed of.

Lower Windsor Township

Canadochly Elementary School, 100 Abel Rd., November 3rd. Passport. The three compartment sink was leaking from the bottom of the PVC piping.

Newberry Township

Newberry Elementary School, 2055 Old Trail Rd., Nov. 2 Pass. No violations.

Elementary School Rote Mühle, 700 Red Mill Rd., November 2nd. Passport. No violations.

Walmart, 50 Newberry Parkway, November 2nd. Passport. Plastic cutting board in the delicatessen sector has brown discolouration and excessive scores from knife cuts. Plastic cutting boards in front of the hot food area have black discolouration and scoring from knife cuts. Dust build-up in honeycomb and other ceiling openings in the preparation area for bakeries. Dust accumulation on fan covers of condensing units in walk-in refrigerators and freezers in all departments except bakery.

Penn Township

St. Joseph School, 5135 Grandview Rd., November 3rd. Passport. The rear exit door has a gap and does not protect against the entry of insects, rodents and other animals. Several milk cartons for sale from November 2nd.

Park Hills Elementary School, 137 West Granger St., November 2nd. Passport. No violations.

Pho vet, 101 Wilson Ave., Nov. 2. Passport. The cardboard-lined lower compartment of the three-door refrigerator and the top of the prep counter are not a smooth and easy-to-clean surface. Severely scratched and discolored cutting boards in the prep unit were not recoated or thrown away. The walls and floors around the cooking utensils were dirty. Paper towels covered the bottom of the pans in the prep unit with mold-like residue; Pans were not in direct contact with food. Work containers in the front preparation area, which were used to store chemicals and cleaning agents from large stocks, were not marked with the usual name of the chemical. Raw beef and chicken stored in the three-door refrigerator over rice and vegetables. A knife in use was kept between the table and the preparation unit. There was a dirty curtain on the wall in the kitchen, in an area exposed to food, appliances, and utensils. Cooker hoods have a build-up of grease and need to be cleaned.

Pizza Hut, 1150 Carlisle St., November 2nd. Passport. Clean food equipment in the dishwashing area has been stored wet in a manner that does not allow it to drip or air dry.

Markle Middle School, 225 Bowman Rd., November 1st. Passport. No violations.

Southwest High School, 200 Bowman Rd., Nov. 1 Pass. Metal shaft thermometer that is kept in a disinfectant solution between uses.

Shrewsbury Parish

Shrewsbury Elementary School, 331 South Main St., Nov. 1 Pass. Evidence of rodent activity in the dry storage area and along the lower kitchen floor, but the facility has a pest control program in place.

Township Spring Garden

Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins, 1015 Mount Rose Avenue, November 3rd. Passport. Numerous ceiling tiles were very dirty and were missing in the rear area.

Popeye’s Louisiana cuisine, 1045 Mount Rose, November 3rd. Passport. Food workers in the area of ​​the kitchenette did not wear proper haircuffs such as nets, hats or beard covers. The rear sink was cracked and damaged. Old leftovers on numerous utensils.

Springettsbury Township

Honeybee shoppe, 201 Memory Lane, November 5th. Passport. No violations.

Applebees, 101 Northern Way, November 3rd. Passport. Stainless steel pans, lids and containers, a food contact surface, have a large accumulation of old baked-on food and splashes of liquid. The inside of the ice machine has a build-up of black bacteria-like debris. Ceiling tiles above the automatic dishwasher are heavily soiled with black stains. When the wall of the automatic dishwasher is caulked, black substance forms and dissolves. The machine dishwashing system’s atomizer does not work. The machine dishwasher has a large build-up of dirt and old food debris. Ceiling fans above the dining area have a large build-up of static dust. Prep tables, shelves, refrigerators, and storage drawers have an accumulation of dust, dirt, food debris, and debris. Clean food equipment placed on the rear storage shelf is stored wet in a manner that does not allow it to drip or air dry.

Aunt Annes, 2801 East Market St., Nov. 1 Pass. The floor directly under the freezer in the customer service and prep area of ​​the food facility is very dirty and dusty. Clean utensils are stored with food contact surfaces in direct contact with metal shelves that are not easy to clean, thereby exposing utensils to possible contamination. The tile floor plate in the oven area is broken.

Robin, 1500 Mount Zion Road, November 1st. Passport. Beater stirrers, cup holders, and the top interior of the microwave food contact surfaces had food residue on them. Light shield moved in the area of ​​the dishwasher. At least three fruit fly-like insects in the drainage area of ​​the beer tap. The hand basin in the server area had an accumulation of dust, dirt, food debris and debris on surfaces that did not come into contact with food. Cooking oil, leftover food and deposits had accumulated on the Chargrill table-top appliances.

Spring Grove district

River Rock Academy, 149 East College Avenue, November 5th. Passport. Several milk cartons after the expiry date November 4th were intended for sale.

West Manchester Township

Dollar general, 2156 White St., November 2nd. Passport. The dock door in the storage and reception area of ​​the food system has a large gap and does not protect against the intrusion of insects, rodents and other animals. More than fifty dead bugs, spiders, crickets and other insects in the reception area.

Palumbo pizza, 4795 West Market St., November 2nd. Passport. The covers and panels of the motor openings are missing in both bain-marie units. With the pizza bain-marie, condensation comes out of the front left side. Device filters are covered with dust and the door seals are torn. The ice maker is not in use and there is mold in the machine cabinet. The can opener’s cutting blade, a food contact surface, had food residue and was not clean to see and touch. Non-food contact surfaces in kitchen and storage areas are not cleaned so frequently that dirt and grime build up. There are no written procedures or documentation for checking the disposition of food for baked pizzas. Ceiling tiles are missing in the washing up area.

Shangri-la, 2150 White St., November 2nd. Fail. In a container with a lid, pour rice under the dishwasher’s drainer where it will be exposed to splashes of food, chemicals, and water. Carrots, cabbage, pan with Lo Mien noodles, pan with raw chicken in marinade and pan with raw beef in marinade, which are stored directly on the floor in the walk-in cooler. Heavy accumulation of grease on the surfaces of the hood filter system. The chlorine chemical disinfectant solution in the wipe buckets was less than 10 parts per million instead of 50-100 ppm as required. The contact surfaces of the can opener and the slicer had food residue and could not be seen or touched cleanly. Paper towel dispenser is empty on the hand basin in the kitchen area. Work containers in the area of ​​the server stations, which are used to store disinfectants from bulk supplies, were not marked with the general name of the chemical. A temperature measuring device or strip for measuring the rinse temperature in the thermal disinfection machine for machine dishes is not available. Insecticides (raid ant and roach killer) in the kitchen area have not been labeled by the manufacturer as approved for use in a food facility. Spray can pesticide is stored in the mixer area right next to vinegar and sesame oil bottles. Food paraphernalia in the rice steamer area were stored in a water container that was not kept at 135 degrees F. Machine dishwashing baskets had a heavy build-up of dirt. Wet wipes in the area of ​​the server station that are not stored in disinfectant solution. Time instead of temperature was used as a control for potentially hazardous foods such as sliced ​​products, mushrooms, etc., with no written procedures or documentation required to verify food disposition. Deep fryers and smokers in the area of ​​the cooking line were caked with accumulations of fat and dirt. clean crockery baskets that are stored on the floor in the dishwasher area. There was a bucket of dirty mopping water next to the three-bowl sink.

West Manheim Township

Eat 2, 11 pumping station, opening Nov. 3 pass. The 3-chamber sink faucet does not reach the middle sink compartment, which prevents proper flushing during the washing process.

West York District

El Sol mexican shop, 1628 West Market St., November 2nd. Passport. Sponges around the three-bowl sink area were used to clean food contact surfaces. The beverage container of an open employee in the food preparation area in the kitchen did not have a straw to avoid hand contact with the lip part of the container. Retail chemicals displayed on shelves next to beverages.

Milk from, 1801 West Market St., November 2nd. Passport. Food residues on the dispensing nozzle and frothing head of the espresso machine, food contact surfaces.

Lattuca’s Sub-Bar, 1601 West Market St., November 2nd. Passport. The floor in the kitchen area is made of linoleum and is cracked, roughened, torn and not a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. The wall under the three sink sink has a hole the length of the wall where it meets the floor.

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