Pelican Pest Control provides effective pest control services for residential and commercial properties in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, LA – Pelican Pest Control is a leading pest control company providing comprehensive pest control to households and businesses in and around Baton Rouge. They have been open for years and continue to provide exceptional quality services to their customers. This winter season, they are offering their services to help residents and customers protect their buildings from pests.

Company spokesman Brett M. noted that the winter season comes with harsh weather changes that force common pests to seek solace indoors. The migration effect endangers homes and businesses, especially since most pests are associated with health risks and can cause damage to building structures. All of these risks and potential harm can be prevented or eliminated with a comprehensive pest control service such as that offered at Pelican Pest Control.

Pelican Pest Control ensures that all employees are trained professionals who focus on getting the job done and providing customers with satisfactory service. They are happy to take service calls and trained staff are available to handle these calls, make appointments for pest control and answer customer questions. Their pest control team offers quick response times and starts every pest control process with a careful inspection of the client’s building to understand the extent of the pest problem or infestation. At the end of the inspection, the crew would have determined the pest, the extent to which it had spread and the best solution to the problem.

The Baton Rouge pest control service offered by Pelican Pest Control is in great demand as it comes with many guarantees including free re-maintenance to ensure full protection from certain pests, nine scheduled field visits per year to ensure full protection, indoor Pest control services as required, monthly mosquito and pest service from April to October and much more.

Pelican Pest Control has received several positive reviews from its customers. One of them said: “You are always on time and professional and fast! The prices are reasonable. We haven’t seen a mouse since we were serviced by Pelican! Anne usually serves our house – the last time a very nice gentleman came and did the maintenance on the bait stations. He was professional and kind. Thank you, Pelikan! “

Customers in need of Baton Rouge for rodent control, those looking to control termites, mosquitoes, ants, earwigs, cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, and more can get in touch to schedule a pest control appointment and their pest control needs to discuss. The pest control company will ensure that all steps to be taken are carefully explained.

Customers can book the Pelican Pest Control Service by calling (225) 424-2623 or visiting their website. For more information, contact pest control company 17485 Opportunity Ave Building 2 Suite F, Baton Rouge, LA 70817, USA.

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