Pest controllers warn of winter infestation | Local news

When the colder weather creeps in, so do pests and rodents in the homes of St. Joseph.

Professionals in the pest control industry advise homeowners to prepare their homes for uninvited visitors as the winter season approaches. Matt Wilson, a field manager for Preferred Pest Control, said fortifying vulnerable areas of a home can help keep creatures from entering.

“The best thing to do is look at your foundation areas,” said Wilson. “People need to seal any areas in their foundation that they don’t think about, such as the utility lines that lead into their home.”

While rodents and pests may be the last thing a homeowner thinks about in the upcoming holidays, Wilson says sneaky critters move into warmer environments when their normal habitats cool down.

“When the temperature drops outside, all kinds of animals seek a warmer climate outside, just like us,” said Wilson. “It is best to be one step ahead of the curve now, before the families get together and you realize you are dealing with a major infestation.”

While dealing with a few bugs here and there, this may sound like a simple DIY project, but Wilson said there is only so much you can do before you need a backup plan.

“When a homeowner sees a problem, the problem has been around for a while,” said Wilson. “There will come a point when you will need to call a professional for assistance since your only rodent problem has now turned into a problem with a family of rodents.”

In addition to paving utility areas of a home, professionals in the pest industry recommend making sure areas are free of clutter and spaces are properly sealed and cleaned, especially window sills and areas that are heavily affected by rain.

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