Pheromone break-through for Argentine ant tracks makes insecticides more effective and pest control more environmentally friendly

Suterra launches BioAmp® AA, the world’s first pheromone-insecticide adjuvant for fighting Argentine ants.

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The addition of BioAmp® AA has been shown to reduce the need for re-insecticide applications, lower labor costs and increase the profitability of pest control agents (PMPs).

“Suterra’s pheromone adjuvant reduces recall and improves customer satisfaction,” said Pat Copps, former technical manager at Orkin Pest Control and current president of PTC Urban Entomology Consultants. “It’s a win for you and your customer.”

“Commercial and residential customers want a sustainable alternative to more pesticides,” said Vijay Pai, General manager of commercial pests for Suterra. “BioAmp® AA not only delivers sustainability, but also more effectiveness.”

The innovative microencapsulated formulation is compatible with almost any non-repellent insecticide spray and fits into any ant control protocol. With the easy-to-use cap dispenser, professionals simply add one cap (25 ml) of BioAmp® AA per finished gallon of insecticide mixture to their spray tank and mix according to the directions for use on the insecticide label.

Argentine ant is an ever growing threat in the US, particularly in the west and south.

Pest control professionals interested in purchasing BioAmp® AA should send an email [email protected] or visit

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