PM Slog: Children Receive COVID Vaccine, 8th Oregon County Votes To Join Greater Idaho, Asian Giant Hornet Found In British Columbia

I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again: I think Asian giant hornets are kind of cute. KAREN DUCEY / GETTY

All local media can speak about the election today: Which is understandable. My colleague Rich Smith has a ballot update here for your ass. Read this, then return to Slog Post Meridiem for more news.


West Seattle residents briefly stranded this morning: The Spokane Street swing bridge – which was restricted to buses, cyclists, truckers, and licensed drivers as the West Seattle Bridge is still closed for construction – stalled before reopening around 10 a.m., reports the Seattle Times. The lower bridge is to receive “major renovation work” this year. West Seattle Blog has some pictures of all the Kerfuffle.

More of Oregon wants to join Idaho: 63% of Harney County, OR voters approved a non-binding move to join the Greater Idaho movement, OPB reports. For those of you new to Greater Idaho, the plan is for Idaho to “absorb approximately three-quarters of Oregon’s land and part of Northern California.” The reason for this is that the ~ * ~ ** ~ conservative values ​​of the Gem State are ~~ * ~ * more desirable than the anti-fascist anarchy that is going down in Portland. The likelihood of it actually happening is slim to none.

Another day, another cat rescued from the treetops above the Volunteer Park: I thought this only happened in movies? Why do cats climb so high? (I’m allergic and have absolutely no idea about the habits of these creatures.)

A group of children ages 5-11 are the first young children in Washington to receive their COVID-19 vaccines: Ten children rolled up their sleeves at Shoreline Community College today to get their Pfizer vaccine, the Seattle Times reports. The state expects 230,000 child-sized doses from federal agencies, “with an additional 86,000 doses expected to arrive in pharmacies.” These doses are limited for now, but if you have a child in your life who needs one, you can put themselves on a waiting list or make an appointment here.

Nervous smiles spread across the room as the children lined up to be among the first 5 to 11-year-olds in Washington state to receive Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine.

UW received 5,700 doses of the pediatric dose and will begin delivering to the ward tomorrow.
– amandamsnyder (@amandamsnyder) November 3, 2021

The Diablo Dam Powerhouse is back in operation: After Seattle City Light had to shut it down four days ago due to a rock fall last Thursday that “tore away the anti-slip fence and support poles and cables,” reports KING 5.

Before Jeff Bezos asked William Shatner, he apparently offered Tom Hank a seat on his Blue Origin rocket: Hanks refused. The reason? The richest man in the world wanted him to raise $ 28 million for the ride, Hanks told Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. Whatever Jeff!

Great break: Take a look at Carroll Dunham’s (yes, Lena Dunham’s father) latest work, Qualiascope, which is now on view at Galerie Eva Presenhuber in Zurich. They are erotic paintings and drawings of people who fuck, in a very green green. The essay that accompanies Mary Simpson’s work describes the characters as “either thousands of years old or fallen from space or perhaps teleported from an ancient future”. I can’t stop looking at her nipples!

Lol, America: According to AP News, there are “at least six state or local political candidates” who will stand on the 6th. While no one is accused of committing crimes or breaking into the Capitol on that fateful day, at least one does not regret attending Trump’s arson rally.

But good news: Progressive Michelle Wu becomes the first woman and black person to become Boston Mayor. For 200 years only white guys were chosen to run Beantown and now the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants (and Elizabeth Warren’s protégé, I might add) has been chosen to take the job.

More good news: Democrat Phil Murphy narrowly won the re-election of New Jersey governor against GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli.

Weather break: Bundle up children!

A frontal system will move through the area tonight and Thursday morning – gale winds will develop on Thursday as the depression moves ashore. Here’s a nice pic on Wednesday November 3rd at noon – it definitely looks like November in the Northeast Pacific.
– NWS Seattle (@NWSSeattle) November 3, 2021

I get whiplash from Biden’s social security bill: Now four weeks of paid vacation are back on the table after the Dems scrapped it last week to appease moderate and well-known narcissists Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. Senate majority leader Nancy Pelosi pushed for the reintegration of paid vacation, with supporters like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand right behind her, reports Business Insider. Cant wait to see what they cut down to next week!

Another giant Asian hornet found across the border in British Columbia: Washington State entomologists say they found the hornet in a trap, “well within flight distance of where giant Asian hornet nests were found and destroyed in Washington,” reports KOMO. BC Provincial Resident Bee Expert, however, says residents shouldn’t worry as she likely came from one of the nests that US officials have already wiped out. You should be more concerned if DNA analysis reveals the hornet did not come from these nests, which “would increase the likelihood of invasive insects multiplying and spreading in BC,” reports CBC. Party!

The six finalists in the Washington Transportation Commission competition to name our new ferry are: Wishkah, Stillaguamish, Snoqualmie, Stehekin, Muckleshoot and Enie Marie. The Seattle Times has some background on all of the names chosen to make it through to the finals after the commission extended the search because too many funny names were submitted. You have until November 12th to choose your preference (after registering with the ferry driver’s opinion group). The commission will vote on a name on December 14th.

For your listening pleasure: I know I posted one of their songs recently, but I’m going to see Yves Tumor live tonight and I really hope they play “Super Stars”.


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