Predatory mite for combating spider mites is now available as slow-release bags

BioBee recently announced that its predatory mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis (BioPersi +), a spider mite predator, can be used preventively with slow-release sachets that provide consistent results.

P. persimilis has been used successfully in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs since the 1960s. The traditional tritrophic (plant / pest / beneficial) growing method is prey specific, although successful it has not supported the use of slow release bags. That changed at the beginning of this year with the announcement of a new mass rearing of P. persimilis.

“BioBee’s patented rearing technology is based on the successful development and propagation of P. persimilis with alternative prey food that is very different from its traditional, well-known spider mite-based food. This technology gave birth to BioPersi + (an improved version of P. persimilis) and enabled its novel method of application: slow release sachets, ”says Dr. Shimon Steinberg, BioBee’s Chief Scientific Officer.

The new product BioPersi +, which is saturated and physiologically stronger, is able to search for and control hot spots more quickly and to start laying eggs on the same day of use in the culture.

BioPersi + contains all development stages of the mite (adults, young animals and eggs). This diversity of populations creates a continuity of active mite predation and ensures longer, uninterrupted control of spider mites. In the case of the BioPersi + bags, this also means that P. persimilis continues to multiply within the bag while the distribution on the plants continues.

“The ability to use P. persimilis with alternative food in the bag makes the slow-release and preventive use of P. persimilis possible for the first time in commercial biological control,” says Tom Katz, R&D entomologist at BioBee, who runs the BioPersi + slow leads the development of bags. BioPersi + Speed ​​sachet with a slow release of more than 150 mites / sachet for up to five days is recommended for hotspot treatments.

The BioPersi + Classic sachet has a slow release of more than 500 mites / sachet for up to 12 days and is recommended for preventive use, says Arnon Tabic, R&D entomologist and co-lead of the project at BioBee.

Pouches with immediate release P. persimilis have been around for some time, but since P. persimilis has starved, the pouches must be individually perforated by the user when they are applied. BioPersi + bags (classic and speed) contain alternative food; Therefore, the bags are pre-perforated and ready to use, which makes application faster, easier and more convenient for the grower.

“BioPersi + bags can be used in crops such as peppers, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, cannabis, strawberry, raspberry, melon, watermelon, roses, cut flowers and other ornamental plants,” says Moshe Cohen, Senior Field Service Manager at BioBee. “It is a particularly useful tool for medicinal cannabis growers who need to avoid physical contact between the product carrier / formulation and any part of the plant.”


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