Preston Neighborhood Bold Rats That “Could Get Through The Toilets”

Residents in a Preston neighborhood claim the area is being overrun with rats.

The people who live in Plungington are becoming increasingly “disgusted” as the area is reported to be suffering from an out-of-control infestation problem.

Michelle, a Plungington resident who has asked not to be fully named, says she receives dozens of neighbors’ rats every week and the problem has increased in recent months.

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She says she has seen six or seven herself in the last week alone and believes they are caused by people flying on or around an industrial area in the area.

Michelle says she was forced to take matters into her own hands by killing the rats in her front yard by hitting them with her umbrella.

She said, “I’ve seen her walking around everywhere, in gardens and in the front shed. I’ve seen six or seven in the past week. It’s disgusting.

“I saw one run out of a pile of wood left on Ellen Street, run under the gate into the ginnel next to someone’s house.

“People keep telling me we’ve seen them here, there and everywhere. A rat was run over last week and is still in the middle of the road.

“It’s disgusting – especially when they leave behind piss and feces. I’ve received countless calls about this problem. “

She warns that rats can even get into people’s homes through the toilet if the drains are not covered.

While reporting the problem to the council and urging people to stop treating the area like a trash can.

“I think it takes tougher measures,” she added. “More people have to get in touch when they see people tip over because it just got out of hand.

“I can’t blame the council for being understaffed – but when certain members of the public are tipping and thinking it’s acceptable to treat an outdoor area as a trash can, that’s unacceptable.”

She added, “The rats are so bold – they run around like they own the place!”

Coun Pav Akhtar, Preston Councilor for Plungington Ward, said he welcomed the fact that residents had raised their concerns and referred the matter to the council.

He said, “I think it could be coming from the industrial area. I don’t know exactly where the rats come from and we have to look for the causes. “

He stressed that there are many garages in the industrial area, which would possibly create a natural floor for the rats to be undisturbed, while hot weather could also have an impact.

“It’s easy to say, set up rat traps, but all of this has to be managed; Preston Council has a right and a responsibility to investigate what’s going on, “said Coun Akhtar.

“We don’t want to do anything without a thorough investigation. It’s great that people have brought up this issue.

“At that point the issues were raised and we are aware of them and it was referred to the council. Once they have established what is going on and where the hot spots are, we can apply the remedy and solve the problem. ‘

He added that Preston Council offers a free pest control service for rat problems in a residential building, and anyone interested in reporting a rat problem in a building can make an appointment at

Preston City Council has been asked for an opinion.

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