Rat Proof Buildings – Here’s How

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St. Gallen, November 17, 2021. Some pests are more common in the summer months, while others take refuge in the fall, often in close proximity to humans. This includes rodents such as rats and mice. When temperatures drop, buildings, garages, pavilions, floor areas, and sewers provide excellent conditions for these animals to take refuge. It’s the Look for warmth and food that is what drives these creatures.

For many, having rats in and around your home is intolerable. And for a good reason. she transmit diseases. Sometimes they are cause considerable damage to the structure of a building, not to mention the furniture. Rats can even get inside the building through the building small cracks and holesthat enlarge them if necessary and keep them open to their friends. You can bite through wood, plastic, brick, Grenade launcher, Screed, and even cast iron.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, rats are extreme intelligent, social animals. They live together in a pack. Life in a pack makes it easier to find food and offers more Protection from predators.

If you can find a rat, others aren’t far away.

When they’re prevalent in a home or outbuilding, it’s time to act. Rats reproduce quickly, females give birth up to twelve times a year and give birth to an average of eight or nine young per litter. Young rats reach sexual maturity quickly and then also produce offspring. So a large population can build up in a very short time. Once Rat infestation discovered, it should therefore be dealt with as soon as possible.

How do you get rid of rats? Prevent rats from entering!

The best way to prevent rats from entering is to find possible entrances and seal them up. These are often found in poorly lit corners or passages through pipes or power lines. A bright flashlight makes it easier to find. All holes, cracks and gaps from 15 mm should be sealed. The resilient Rodent Stop steel wool from SWISSINNO is ideal for this. Unlike traditional sealants, this is resistant material has the advantage that Rodents cannot chew through it. Handling is also child’s play: Simply cut off a piece and slide it into the opening. Consisting of Stainless steel wool and Polymer fibers, it will create a totally effective, permanent weatherproof barrier both indoors and outdoors.

Expel rats with ultrasound

Sometimes there are openings that cannot be sealed with rodent stop steel wool – for example water drains in basements and laundry rooms. Under such circumstances, the ultrasonic rodent repeller from SWISSINNO is up to the task. This small but powerful device uses ultrasound to drive away rats and other animals. Humans cannot hear these high-frequency sound waves, but animals find them uncomfortable and avoid areas where ultrasound is emitted. The rodent repellent can simply be plugged into a socket near the access point. When no power source is nearby, you can use the battery powered ultrasonic rodent repeller. The repeller has a Battery life of 6 to 7 weeks with one set of batteries and covers an area of ​​20m². away. The battery operated repeller is ideal for attics, summer houses and other places where there are no electrical outlets.

Catch rats with traps

Traps were the first choice in Pest Control since centuries. Swissinno Solutions AG produces high quality traps for both the general public and professionals. The traps are factory-set with a natural, non-toxic and very tempting bait. All of our traps are very user friendly and easy to use. The reusable traps are robust and with precise functionality. With the rat trap PRO SuperCat, species-specific and patented “Easy Catch” trigger ensures that the Rats are only ever caught by the neck. These stand out from other traditional traps by ensuring that the rats are treated humanely. the very high impact and the optimized blow bar make sure they are killed as quickly and painlessly as possible to eliminate all suffering.

Rat trap PRO SuperCat – ultrasonic rodent repellent

SWISSINNO: Quality makes the difference

Low-quality traps are inhuman and, in the worst case, can even lead to rat populations changing their behavior in such a way that successful control is no longer possible. A smart solution to the rat problem: SWISSINNO products have the advantage that they Do not torture animals unnecessarily, but deal with it quickly and efficiently. They are species specific so they will only target the creatures that are causing the problem and will not disturb the other wildlife do not use toxins and chemicalswhat is good for the environment, people and animals. At SWISSINNO, high standards, innovation, sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand.

Fight rats with poison

Although rat poison is still used frequently and is quite effective, Swissinno Solutions AG advises against the use of poison baits. Poison baits cause rats to die slowly and painfully. Other animals, both domestic and wild, are also at risk. the Active ingredients frequently used (anticoagulants) biodegradation takes a long time and accumulate in the food chain. Poisoned animals often die in inaccessible places and rotwhat then leads to unpleasant smellsespecially when using poison in buildings. Even if it takes more effort, the use of traps, especially in the home, is a better choice. Rat poison should only be used when the use of traps does not produce the desired result.

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