Rats and mice invade Norwich homes this winter

9:15 am November 25, 2021

When the weather turns cold, city dwellers need to worry more than just dressing warmly.

Just as people look for warmth in winter, so do the rodent neighbors of Norwich.

Andrew Dellbridge of Ace Pest Control has warned that “the great winter migration of rats and mice has begun”.

His pest control team has been called to dozens of parades across town.

You’ve seen entire lofts being taken over by scurrying rodents, as well as nests in kitchen walls.

The team also found car electrics chewed up and washing machines leaking after being gnawed by the blighters.

This rat was caught in a house in Norwich.
– Credit: Ace Pest Control

And he warned city dwellers to be vigilant and act immediately if they think there is an infestation.

He said, “People have to be proactive.

“If rats are allowed to settle, they will leave poop and pee. This attracts even more animals, so that it is not over even after the first lot. More and more will come to replace the removed ones. ”

Mr Dellbridge said there are ways to see if the pests are in the house early on.

The Pest Control Chief said, “We generally see them because of the mess they leave – like eating chunks of packets of cereal and so on.”

If they don’t leave a mess, Mr Dellbridge said that people would be sure to notice them from the noise they make in the walls and under the floor.

He said, “When you start to settle down, holes will appear in the floor, kitchen, and cupboards.

“And you will smell them – they smell absolutely terrible.”

He added, “The best advice I can give is to just examine any sounds or smells that seem suspicious.”

Mr. Dellbridge continued, “If you find you have a visitor, I would recommend calling an expert immediately.

“We offer a completely free consultation in case someone wants to get in touch with us.

“Unfortunately, once rats have access, you usually need an expert to get them out and have the cabling checked immediately.”

You can contact Mr. Dellbridge and his team at: [email protected]

Top Tips to Keep Your Home Rodent Free:

Mr. Dellbridge had some advice on how to keep the furry intruders out this winter.

His top tips included:

1. Block any holes around the house and encourage the neighbors to do the same.

2. Keep all adjacent garages free of all food, including bird and animal feed.

3. As soon as you think you have it, seek help from an expert.

4. Check your attic regularly during the winter months.

He said, “It may sound silly, but leave a biscuit near your skylight. If it goes away, you will know that there is a very good chance that you have a visitor.

5. Keep kitchens spotless.

6. Do not leave pet food lying around all day.

Pest Repeller Andrew Dellbridge.  Image: Andrew Dellbridge

Pest Repeller Andrew Dellbridge. Image: Andrew Dellbridge
– Credit: Andrew Dellbridge

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