Rentokil launches new bed bug service – PCT

READ Penn. – Rentokil launched a new bed bug offering that the company says offers a quick response and resolution to bed bug problems in hours instead of days.

Rentokil says its new PROTECT + system uses a proprietary blend of targeted service protocols, precise applications and specialized, environmentally sound products to eradicate bed bugs and provide lasting protection.

“Bed bugs are causing disruption to industries such as education, healthcare and hospitality,” said John Myers, President and CEO of Rentokil. “We developed the PROTECT + system to provide a smarter, faster way to protect people and maintain a company’s reputation. We want companies to get back up and running as quickly as possible to reduce disruptions, lost revenue and reassurance that the bed bug problem has been resolved. ”

Once the Rentokil Response Team becomes aware of a potential outbreak, the bed bug specialists will address the problem by physically removing any visible bed bugs, performing residual control applications in ports and activity zones, and ensuring ongoing protection for any remaining pests in hiding. The combination of environmentally sound products offers the opportunity to combat bed bug resistance, thereby reducing the likelihood of future bed bug problems. It will also ensure that bed bugs carry the product to their port, transfer it to their bed bug populations, and extend future protection, Rentokil reports.

“A female bed bug can lay anywhere from 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime,” says Myers. “A comprehensive bed bug plan will help eliminate current bed bugs and protect yourself for the future. Rentokil offers the best guarantee in the industry to provide additional protection to keep your business running smoothly. “

As every company is unique, Rentokil offers three levels of service for the best coverage for each property. The Protect + Essential, Extended and Premium packages offer different levels of service, with each option including same-day or 24-hour treatment, treatment of all units with activity and a guarantee of 30 days through to unlimited inspections and follow-up treatments.

You can find more information about Rentokil’s bed bug packages here.

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