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Stillwater, July 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Stillwater-based Hansen Pest Control has faithfully served the people of this area of ​​Oklahoma for over 8 years. It is a milestone that the company is very proud of and wants to share. This business has been built around services like free pest control inspections, and Hansen Pest Control has built a reputation for giving customers the peace of mind they need to worry about their uninvited pests. They meet the needs of private and commercial customers for pest control indoors and outdoors.

Says company owner Ryan Hansen, “Wow, it’s hard to believe we’ve been meeting and exceeding the pest control needs of the people of the Stillwater area for over 8 years. When I started this business, I knew that if I work hard and treat my customers right, I had a good chance of success. So I’m very proud to have won and kept customers in the business every year. This is what makes me as excited to work every day as I was when I started in 2013. “

Hansen stated that besides hard work and great customer service, there are other reasons why his company is so successful. This includes staying up to date on the latest and greatest pest control methods. He also takes great care of his 2-legged and 4-legged customers. Proof of this is that he only uses pesticides that are people and pet friendly. They also promise their customers to receive timely, affordable, and effective pest control services. The company owner added that it is a licensed, insured and local company that will honor all of its contracts, obligations and warranties.

The company owner went on to talk about some of the pest control services they either started with or added during their 8 years of business. One of the most popular of these is their heat treatment for bed bugs, which has been found to be very effective. He says no one deserves their sleep and comfort to be disturbed by these difficult-to-eliminate pests, and they are more than happy to help customers get rid of them. Another specialty that Hansen mentioned was spider and scorpion control. Many of their customers with toddlers and young children often request this for obvious reasons. He says their flea and tick control services also fall into this category. Other services that Hansen Pest Control offers include combating cockroaches, rodents and ants. They’re also very good at addressing the problems wasps like mud spots, red hornets, and yellow jackets cause when they settle on a property.

In its 8 year history, Hansen Pest Control has served numerous customers. Many of them have rave reviews of the company’s pest control methods. Karen Keim wrote: “I had Ryan come to my home three times: once for cockroaches and twice for bed bug scares. He assured me both times because of the bed bugs that I didn’t have any after doing a thorough check-up. Even if he didn’t make the money searching my house for bed bugs twice, he never rushed it and takes the time to explain everything! He is very patient, calm, understanding, honest, inexpensive and always answers the phone quickly or answers quickly! Not only is he a professional exterminator, he’s just a good guy! ”In another 5-star review, Dan Block said,“ We ​​had Ryan Hansen spray a couple of times. He did an excellent job. He stands by his work and is happy to answer our questions. Very professional, polite and courteous. He really cares about his customers. We warmly recommend Hansen Pest Control! ” Twelve other reviews like this can be seen on the company’s Google Maps business listing, and all of them give the company 5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Those in the Stillwater area who would like more information on this now 8 year old pest control service can call, email or complete the free inspection available on their website’s home page.


For more information on Hansen Pest Control, contact the company here:

Hansen Pest Control
Ryan Hansen
(405) 780-5005
[email protected]
P.O. Box 1894
Still water, OK 74076

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