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Approximately 125 residents of the Clearwater area gathered at Clearwater Secondary School Sunday to run, jog, or walk ten kilometers in honor of Terry Fox. Participants were between two and 80 years old and comprised four generations of a family, the Davidsons of Clearwater.

People from all over the region gathered in Vavenby to compete in different logs at the Vavenby Logger Days. The events began with a parade led by Vavenby’s fire engine to the exhibition center in Centennial Park. On the first day the juniors competed in the categories wood chopping, miter saw, power bucking, choking, wooden rolling and ax throwing. The activities were attended by boys and girls between the ages of six and 16.

Three refugees from Bear Creek camp appeared in court on charges of escaping legal custody. Lyle Scot and David Charity, both 19, were given 30 consecutive days in prison, while Kenneth Tyron, 36, received an additional two months’ imprisonment.


Thompson Nicola County Director Paul Caissie “ate crow” after making allegations against the IWA executive that were “in fact baseless”. In previous letters he had accused the executive branch of rigorous tactics in connection with a strike carried out by IWA members. He said he owed a certain degree of overzealousness in keeping CTP running, for which he did not apologize.

Attempts by the Weyerhaeuser management to produce a small amount of sawn timber in their Vavenby sawmill met with a strong response from the IWA. MP Carol Toth said the union would shut down the company’s sawmill in Kamloops and restrict regulatory access to the Vavenby plant unless their practice ceases. The dispute was resolved within hours of the picket line.

About 50 people ran, jogged, cycled or just walked on the third annual Terry Fox Run in Clearwater under a cloudy sky. This was the third official Terry Fox Run in the community, and several athletes were given commemorative certificates to record the event.


A report that TNRD director Paul Caissie was to file his resignation from the board was false. According to his wife, Karen Caissie, she was not aware of any plans for his resignation unless he was elected to the MLA in the upcoming provincial elections. However, Mr. Caissie planned to resign from the executive branch of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities.

A burn visible above the reflectors on Street 1 in west Clearwater was more than just a normal burn as scientists and representatives from the US Forest Service, UBC, the Department of the Environment and others used the burn for research purposes.

Area A residents (Clearwater-Vavenby) voted two-for-one in a TNRD referendum for a program to control mosquito larvae. The program will use the bacterial insecticide Vectobac to control the immature mosquitoes in local swamps and wetlands.

Both Clearwater’s annual Terry Fox Run and Barriere saw record turnouts and fundraising. About 130 hikers attended the Clearwater event, an increase of about 50 percent. Funds raised totaled $ 1,800, almost double that of previous years.


A new truck for Barriere Search and Rescue was delivered, and just in time. The crew received three emergency calls over the next four days. It took over three years to get the vehicle, which came from Red Deer, Alta.

Voters in TNRD Area A were due to vote in a referendum in the spring of 1997 on whether to raise property taxes to subsidize the cost of running a handi-dart service in the Clearwater area. The director of TNRD Area A, Carol Schaffer, took the referendum proposal to the regular board meeting, where it was unanimously approved.


The third annual Blue River Mountain Bike Cup Festival was a success, the organizers reported. A total of 42 racing drivers took part in the cross-country event on Saturday. On Sunday, 15 people took part in a hill climb. Last year there were 44 participants, while only 28 took part in the opening event.

School District 73’s budget deficit for the 2000/01 school year is approximately $ 1 million higher than expected, leaving staff and faculty wondering how to lose more weight to meet the demands. The deficit was projected to be around $ 600,000. Numbers presented to the school board the week before showed that the real number was $ 1.6 million.


The Clearwater and District Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution against new covered accommodation, including hotels and resorts in provincial parks. The CDCC joined the North Vancouver and Whistler communities, both of which took a stand against the Liberal government, which, prior to any consultation with the public or local government, published a call for proposals encouraging interested parties to submit detailed plans for construction to submit permanent roof accommodation within the boundaries of 12 parks across the province.

A $ 3 million increase in federal gas tax surpluses is set to be shared among constituencies within the TNRD. Blue River residents paid higher taxes for the same services, and the new funding-sharing formulas act as a compensation.

Blue River Elementary School students experienced hands-on experience with the Learn to Fish program, run by a conservation officer for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Using stuffed models, the children were taught the anatomy of a fish, how to correctly remove a hook from a fish’s mouth, and how to properly tie knots and throw a fishing rod.


Zone 8 whist participants for the 2011 BC Seniors Games in Castlegar came home with multiple medals, two of which were gold. These players were from the Barriere and Louis Creek area and were regular whist players at Barriere Seniors Hall.

An annual event to raise funds for a hospice home in Little For was held. Supports the purchase of an “Rate” to predict the exact location of cyclists approaching each other on Highway 5 between Clearwater and Barriere. The event raised $ 3,000.


After a small propane explosion, a fire truck was parked in front of the Dutch Lake Community Center. The loud bang occurred around 12:45 p.m., just before the city council was due to meet as an infrastructure committee. This and another meeting were postponed to a few days later. One person was injured in the explosion, but not seriously. There was no major structural damage, and although the center is primarily heated with wood chips, it keeps its old propane stove as a backup.

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