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Here are the restaurants and other food establishments that Riverside County’s Department of Environment inspectors have temporarily closed due to impending health hazards between May 28 and June 3, 2021. If a reopening date is not given, the department did not list this facility as reopened on this publication.

Birdies, 1845 Hamner Ave. Suite A, Norco

  • Closed: 3rd of June
  • Degree: 73 / C, failed
  • Reason: Insufficient cooling, inability to wash dishes. Two coolers didn’t hold cold – a fact the staff knew – and more than 500 pounds of food at unsafe temperatures had to be disposed of. Both units were confiscated and there was not enough refrigerator capacity for the restaurant to stay open. Also, the sink had a spray nozzle but no faucet, so dishes couldn’t be washed properly or disinfected as needed. Among the other violations were raw chicken pieces in containers of flour used for breading and the person in charge said their practice was to sift out lumps every day or two, but leave the contaminated flour at room temperature indefinitely; Cream biscuits were displayed at room temperature, something the restaurant had been told earlier; there were numerous flies in the entire facility, including a repeated violation; and appliances, shelves, walls, ceilings, bulk containers, trays, and the inside of coolers were dirty.

The new islands, 1380 E. Florida Ave., Hemet

  • Closed: 2th of June
  • Degree: 80 / B, failed
  • Reason: Cockroach infestation. The inspector came to visit in response to a cockroach complaint and found cockroaches behind the fire extinguisher sign and an electrical outlet. Among the other violations, there were some shrimp and limes at unsafe temperatures in a beverage cooler that was not intended for perishable food, the facility needed cleaning, the inspector found it was very hot inside, and none of the staff had the required grocer IDs .

Notice of Confidentiality Checks

Here are selected inspections of facilities that were not closed but had significant problems.

China Max, at 48650 Seminole Drive Series 210E in Cabazon, was inspected on June 2 in response to a food complaint. It received a poor grade of 81 / B with a Critical Violation, for chicken on a steaming table and on the fryer that was not kept hot enough. Among the 10 minor violations was that the manager did not wash his hands after working at the till, had a bottle of water in the ice machine, was in direct contact with ice and the facility needed cleaning.

the Gus jr. at 497 E. 4th St. in Perris was inspected on June 1st and received a poor grade of 80 / B with two critical violations. Several containers of food were found in two refrigerators at unsafe temperatures, one of which was confiscated to avoid staying cold. In addition, seven containers of beans, rice, and soup that had been cooked the day before had not yet cooled to a safe temperature. Among the eight minor violations, the inspector saw some flies and a dead cockroach, and one employee did not wash his hands between tasks.

Taqueria San Miguel, at 35320 Date Palm Drive in Cathedral City, was inspected on May 28 and received a poor grade of 77 / C with two critical violations. In three refrigerators that were confiscated for not staying cold, there were more than a dozen food containers at unsafe temperatures. Plus, the cooks didn’t wash their hands. Among the 11 minor violations, there were multiple flies inside and a dead roach on a glue trap, and equipment including the ice machine needed cleaning.

Thai smile, at 100 S. Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, was screened on May 28 in response to a foodborne illness complaint. It received a failed grade of 80 / B with two critical violations. Several containers of food had unsafe temperatures, including some items in a prep cooler that was confiscated to keep from staying cold. And a chicken wing – the food affected by the complaint – was not warmed to a safe temperature. Among the eight minor violations, there were flies in the food prep area, and refrigerators, freezers, sinks, tables, shelves, counters, floors, ice makers, dishwashers, and other appliances needed thorough cleaning.

Updates in the last few weeks

Pizza party, at 6110 Van Buren Blvd. in Riverside, which failed an inspection with a grade of 85 / B on May 27th and was closed due to a cockroach infestation, was allowed to reopen on May 28th. There was a follow-up on June 3 with a 99 / A.

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About this list

This list will be published online on Fridays. Any updates when restaurants reopen will be added to the list for the next week.

All food establishments in the county are routinely checked to make sure they meet health regulations. A facility loses four points for every critical violation – and may have to close if the violation cannot be resolved immediately – and a point or two for minor violations. An A grade (90 to 100 points) is passed. Grades B (80 to 89 points) and C (79 or below) are failed and usually require the owner to make improvements and recheck.

For more information on inspections of this or other restaurants in Riverside County, visit To file a health complaint about a restaurant, go to or call 888-722-4234 during business hours or 951-782-2968 after business hours.

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