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Here are the restaurants and other food establishments that Riverside County’s Department of Environment inspectors have temporarily closed due to impending health hazards between August 13 and 19, 2021. If a reopening date is not given, the department did not list this facility as reopened on this publication.

Tacos Lokos, 1161 Hidden Valley Parkways Suite 101, Norco

  • Closed: 18th of August
  • Degree: 76 / C, failed
  • Reason: Inability to wash hands, dishes. The restaurant’s only hand basin was unusable – the cold water was turned off so it was piping hot and the basin would not drain. The sink was also unusable because of a blockage, which, according to the person in charge, had started in the morning. Both issues were fixed before the end of the inspection. Among other violations, food was not kept at safe temperatures, the inspector saw ants and an “excessive” number of flies inside, and all equipment was plugged into unapproved extension cords that stretched across the kitchen floor.
  • Opened again: Before the end of the inspection

4 Serranos Mexican grill, 1091 6th St., Norco

  • Closed: 18th of August
  • Degree: 85 / B, failed
  • Reason: Rodent infestation. The inspector noticed rodent droppings under the kitchen counter, in the storage area and in the bar cabinets. The facility has been instructed to conduct an approved pest control and stop using unapproved snap traps.

Wing stop, 160 E Ontario Avenue Suite 101, Corona

  • Closed: 18th of August
  • Degree: Not graded
  • Reason: No hot water
  • Opened again: August 19th

KFC, 10061 Magnolia Ave., Riverside

  • Closed: 17th August
  • Degree: Not graded
  • Reason: Sewage backup. The inspector visited in response to a complaint a backlog of sewage from several floor sinks.
  • Opened again: Later that day

Sanchez Mexican Bakery, 3852 Opal St., Jurupa Valley

  • Closed: August 16
  • Degree: 74 / C, failed
  • Reason: Cockroach and rodent infestations. The inspector found cockroach activity and rodent droppings throughout the facility, as well as a dead rodent in a storage area. The bakery has been instructed to dispose of any open bags of food near poop and no longer store them directly on the floor where they can attract bugs. Among other violations, the inspector said to clean all utensils and their storage bins, remove all appliances and shelves so the floors and walls can be thoroughly cleaned, and replace molded and rotted drywall in a storage area.

Rollin ‘with the homies, 40820 Winchester Road Suite 1120, Temecula (Promenade Mall)

Notice of Confidentiality Checks

Here are selected inspections of facilities that were not closed but had significant problems.

Thai lotus, located at 2795 Cabot Drive Suite 170 in Corona (in the shops in Dos Lagos), was inspected on August 19th and given a poor grade of 80 / B with a critical violation. The cook used dirty tongs to handle raw chicken; other utensils in the clean bin were dirty too, and the operator said utensils are only washed once a day (required at least every four hours). Among the 11 other violations, the cook did not wash his hands after breaking raw eggs, 20 pounds of raw chicken was left at room temperature for two hours, there was leftover food in a large salt container, refrigerated food was kept without a lid, and there was mold in it the ice machine. This was the restaurant’s second failed inspection this year and the third since 2019, so it is now facing an administrative hearing.

Sushi Asahi, at 420 N. McKinley St. Suite 106 in Corona, was inspected on August 19 and received a poor grade of 80 / B with two critical violations. Several containers of food had unsafe temperatures, including shrimp and scallops left sitting outside and items in the sushi bar in ice baths that were not properly set up. In addition, staff did not track how long sushi rice was kept at room temperature, an issue staff had previously been warned about several times. These were both repeated violations that prompted the inspector to submit a subpoena. 100 pounds of sushi rice was thrown away. Among the eight other violations – many of which were repeated according to the inspector – one employee did not wash his hands, the sewage overflowed in the kitchen and sushi bar because a metal tray had been placed over the floor sink, dirty Dishes were placed on the food prep table, food was stored on the floor of the walk-in freezer, some sweet potatoes were moldy, and the inspector noted “excessive build-up of crusted food” in the sushi bar, deep fryer, and several other areas. This was the restaurant’s third failed grade in less than a year.

5th Avenue Bagelry, at 1210 Magnolia Ave. Suite 101 in Corona was inspected on August 18 and received a poor grade of 80 / B. There was one critical breach because food contact surfaces weren’t clean: the person in charge felt that a pile of dirty plastic bowls on the food prep table was clean enough to use and the dishes didn’t turn out right flushed. Among the 11 other violations, there were numerous flies that landed on food and dining equipment, several employees did not wash their hands properly, some food had unsafe temperatures, and the person in charge said knives for cutting bagel sandwiches are only washed once a day (every four hours is required).

MSR Mexican food, located at 40575 California Oaks Road Suite D5 in Murrieta, was inspected on August 18 and was rated 83 / B with three critical violations. Several containers of meat were at unsafe temperatures. An employee did not wash their hands. And there were several problems related to food-contact surfaces: mold in the ice cream maker, spatulas not rinsed properly, and dirty plates were put away cleanly.

Updates in the last few weeks

Baguette Bakery & Café, at 767 Blaine St. Suite B on Riverside, which failed an inspection on Aug. 12 with a score of 86 / B and was closed for a rodent infestation, was allowed to reopen on Aug 13, 18 with a 96 / A, despite it There was a critical violation – the inspector saw rodent droppings in pans, next to a kitchen cart, and on spice containers. The operator cleaned the affected areas and was instructed to continue preventive measures. Another check-up was scheduled for next week.

La Famosa # 6 Carniceria and La Michoacana, at 3650 Rubidoux Blvd. in the Jurupa Valley, which were closed on August 12 because of a cockroach infestation and sewage congestion, were allowed to reopen on August 18.

Mexican restaurant in Los Zapatas, at 13373 Perris Blvd. Suite F503 in the Moreno Valley, which was closed on August 10 due to lack of hot water, was allowed to reopen on August 13. She passed an exam with 90 / A.

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About this list

This list will be published online on Fridays. Any updates when restaurants reopen will be added to the list for the next week.

All food establishments in the county are routinely checked to make sure they meet health regulations. A facility loses four points for each critical violation – and may have to close if the violation cannot be resolved immediately – and a point or two for minor violations. An A grade (90 to 100 points) is passed. Grades B (80 to 89 points) and C (79 or below) are failed and usually require improvement and re-examination by the owner.

For more information on inspections of this or other restaurants in Riverside County, visit To file a health complaint about a restaurant, go to or call 888-722-4234 during business hours or 951-782-2968 after business hours.

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