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Here are the restaurants and other food establishments that San Bernardino County’s Health Inspectors have temporarily closed between November 5 and November 11, 2021 due to impending health threats.

Panda Express, 745 E. Hospitality Lane Suite A, San Bernardino

  • Closed: November 10th
  • Degree: Not graded (last was 99 / A on May 25th)
  • Reason: Cockroach infestation. An inspector visited him after complaining that someone saw a cockroach crawling under the cups on the front counter. The manager was aware of the problem and said the pest control had been carried out several times over the past week, including earlier that day. However, the inspector saw several live cockroaches on the front counter, two in the spice cabinet and several others elsewhere, including on glue traps. This was the restaurant’s second closure in recent times; It was closed for a couple of hours on October 6th because it had no hot water.

Dining area by Trinity Children & Family, 10776 N. Fremont Ave., Yucaipa

  • Closed: November 9th
  • Degree: Not graded (last was 93 / A on March 4th)
  • Reason: Rodent infestation. An inspector visited him in response to a complaint that someone had seen rodents in the kitchen and around the dumpsters. The operator said this was an ongoing issue they tried to deal with, including cleaning the dumpsters; however, the last receipt for pest control was from more than three weeks earlier. The inspector found a rodent falling under the dishwasher, rodent marks on some large food containers (they hadn’t gotten through the plastic) and some boarded holes in the walls. The operator said when they boarded up one wall, the rodents chewed through another.

Carls Jr., 688 E. Foothill Blvd., Upland

  • Closed: November 9th
  • Degree: 90 / A
  • Reason: Sewage backup. When the inspector arrived, water from the floor drains in both toilets built up and collected on the floor (but no sewage on the floors). There was also water leaking from a toilet. The nursery said that water began to build up that morning when the city turned off the square’s water for maintenance, and that it was due to grease build-up in the water pipes. The manager said the water leaking from the toilet was “due to ancient roots affecting the plumbing below,” the inspector said. Maintenance was already on site to fix the backup.
  • Opened again: Later in the day after the issues have been resolved and the affected areas cleaned

Notice of Confidentiality Checks

Here are selected inspections of facilities that were not closed but had other serious problems.

Delicious goody, at 10740 Foothill Blvd. Suite 110 at Rancho Cucamonga was inspected on November 10 and was rated 85 / B. Among the 11 violations, none of which were flagged as critical, some chickens had unsafe temperatures, there was pink and black mold in the ice machine (not touching the ice), staff did not know how to wash dishes, there were two large tin cans with dents on the seam and the necessary cleaning of the system. This was the restaurant’s third B-Class in a year and the sixth in four years.

Cucas Mexican restaurant, at 119 N. Riverside Ave. in Rialto, was inspected on November 9th and received a grade of 84 / B with two critical injuries. Cooked tamales, chilli rellenos, rice, and beans were at unsafe temperatures. There was also a heavy build-up of mold and calcium in the ice machine (no ice was contaminated) and a container of salsa in the ice cream container of the soda machine contaminating the ice cream intended for customers. Among the five other violations, there was no soap on a hand basin and tripe was not safely thawed. This was the restaurant’s third B-Class since 2018.

Alfredo’s Italian cuisine, at 251 W. Base Line in San Bernardino, was inspected on Nov. 8 in response to a complaint that it was not showing a grade card. It last received an 86 / B in September 2020. The note card was also lost about six weeks ago and the restaurant was then reminded that it was not allowed to move the card. During this visit, the restaurant received a new rating of 77 / C with two critical violations. Some crushed cheese and sliced ​​tomatoes had unsafe temperatures, and lemons were stored in the ice maker, contaminating the ice cream. Among the 11 other violations was the hand basin without a soap dispenser, several refrigerators had to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out, liquid waste from the walk-in refrigerator was directed into a sink, the wall near the stove was “covered with dried” mozzarella sauce “and the Floors were dirty. (Although this was the first graded inspection of the restaurant in 14 months, inspectors visited more than 10 times this year and closed it twice in July for a cockroach infestation.)

Cho dong tofu, at 4200 Chino Hills Parkway Suite 130 in Chino Hills, was visited on November 5 in response to a complaint that it was not showing a grade card. It last received an 80 / B on January 31st. The person in charge said the card was removed and lost during cleaning.

Ozeki sushi restaurant, at 4751 Riverside Drive in Chino, was inspected on November 5th and received a grade of 81 / B with a critical violation. Ice was contaminated with black mold-like growth around the ice machine dispenser. Among the 12 other violations, dirty knives had been put away with the clean knives, a refrigerator in the sushi bar had no thermometer, and the floors were covered with scraps of food. This was the restaurant’s sixth B or C class in the past five years.

Updates in the last few weeks

Boulder Bay Market, at 39176 Big Bear Blvd. in Big Bear Lake, which was closed on November 4th due to a rodent infestation, was allowed to reopen on November 8th. Another follow-up was planned.

the Crazy Chicken on W. Highland Ave. 758 in San Bernardino, which was closed on November 3rd due to a cockroach infestation, was allowed to reopen on November 7th. An inspector had visited twice on November 5th but still saw cockroaches and did not leave the restaurant too torn. After an additional pest control service, it was allowed to open over the weekend and was then visited in person on Monday November 8th to confirm there were no live cockroaches.

the schnitzel at 1388 W. Foothill Blvd. in Rialto, which was closed on November 2nd due to a cockroach infestation, was allowed to reopen on November 8th. An inspector had visited on November 4th and 5th but still saw cockroaches and did not allow the restaurant to reopen, but by November 8th there was no sign of an infestation. Another check-up was planned in a week.

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  • Sewage Support, No Hot Water: Riverside County Restaurant Closures May 22-28 October

  • Rodents, Sewage Backlog: Restaurant Closures, San Bernardino County Inspections, May 21-28 October

About this list

This list will be published online on Fridays. Any updates when restaurants reopen will be added to the list for the next week.

All food establishments in the county are routinely checked to make sure they meet health regulations. A facility loses four points for every critical violation and one to three points for minor violations. An A grade (90 to 100 points) is considered “generally superior”, a B grade (80 to 89) as “generally acceptable” and a C grade (70 to 79) as “generally not acceptable “And needs a follow-up inspection. A facility will be temporarily closed if it is below 70 or has a critical violation that cannot be resolved immediately.

For more information on inspections of this or other San Bernardino County restaurants, visit To file a health complaint, go to or call 800-442-2283.

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