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This is a restaurant and other food facility that was temporarily closed between July 2 and July 8, 2021 by a San Bernardino County Health Inspector due to an imminent health hazard.

Deli area Sudden stop, 10120 25th Street, Rancho Cucamonga

  • Closed: July 6th
  • Class: Unrated
  • Reason: No cold water. There was no cold water in the hand wash basins and dish sinks, and the water was too hot for people to use.
  • Continue: July 7th After the cold water has recovered

Circle K, 1292 W. Mill St. Suite 101, San Bernardino

  • Closed: July 1
  • Class: Unrated
  • Reason: Overflowing sewage. In response to complaints, inspectors visited the recent overflow of sewage residue in all floor sinks in the facility, as well as in toilets and puddles next to self-service vending machines. I used a vacuum cleaner in the store to remove the accumulated water.
  • Continue: July 2nd After the backup has been deleted and the affected area cleaned and disinfected

Not closed inspection of attention

The following is a selection of inspections at facilities that were not closed but had other serious problems.

Alfredo Italian cuisine, At 251 W. Baseline in San Bernardino, contacted on July 7th in response to complaints about cockroaches. The health department had received another cockroach complaint About two weeks ago the inspectors found some dead cockroaches but the pest control was already addressing the problem were some live and dead cockroaches in the restaurant June 29th follow up, and one live cockroach 1. July. This time an inspector called and confirmed that the plant was being processed for pest control three times a week. Another follow-up test was planned within a week.

Wancho Korean barbecue, At 3911 grand avenue. In Chino, visited July 2nd Respond to complaints about several unsanitary conditions such as flies and food mishandling. The manager informed the inspector that he had received some complaints about the dirty toilet. The inspectors did not conduct a gradual inspection – the last one was in May. Score 80 / B – But “excessive” fruit flies (I didn’t know if the restaurant offered professional pest control), employees who don’t wash their hands after touching raw meat, black mold that came into contact with ice in the ice cream machine Many areas in need of cleaning found with multiple violations such as

Cheeky mommy’s pizza & pasta, Located at 618 Pineknot Avenue on Big Bear Lake. July 2nd inspection in response to food poisoning complaints. It received the grade 81 / B for two serious violations. Some workers did not wash their hands and some eggs and meatballs (foods related to ailments) were at dangerous temperatures. Of the seven minor violations, the ice machine had mold-like deposits, the raw egg container was located directly over the peppers, and the cheese, salad and onion containers were stored directly on the kitchen floor. It was.

Jovis Diner, At 123 NE St. in San Bernardino, July 1st Inspection And I got a grade of 80 / B for two serious violations. Staff washed their hands in a hot sink, and salsa and some of the boiled potatoes were at dangerous temperatures. Of the nine minor violations, the inspectors found a large number of dead cockroaches, mainly on two control panels, but only one live cockroach that was unsuitable to indicate an active invasion. It was enough. There was also white mold-like deposits on the ice maker (no contact with the ice) and heavy grease on the kitchen appliances. A follow-up was scheduled within a week to check the cockroach status. It is the fourth B or C class since 2017 and has been closed twice a year. Get a score less than 70 and for the cockroach epidemic ..

Updates in the past few weeks

Green Life Diet And Christie donutsOccupies units 103 and 105 at 1292 W. Mill St. in San Bernardino, both closed July 1st due to water issues related to sewer backlog. Allowed.

  • Excessive Heat, Flies, Broken Fridges: Restaurant Closures, Riverside County Inspections: Dec. 2-8. July

  • Rodents, no hot water: restaurant closure, other inspections in Riverside County, June 24th, July 1st

  • Cockroach, Sewer, No Water: Restaurant Closure, San Bernardino County Inspection, June 24th, July 1st

  • Cockroach, Broken Fridge: Restaurant Closure, Riverside County Inspection, May 18-24 June

  • Roaches, Mold, and Mishandling: Restaurant Closure, San Bernardino County Inspection June 18-24 June

About this list

This list will be published online on Friday. Updates when the restaurant reopens will be added to the list next week.

All food establishments in the county are regularly audited to ensure that they meet health standards. The facility loses 4 points for every major violation and 1-3 points for every minor violation. Grade A (90-100 points) is “generally better”, Grade B (80-89) is “generally acceptable” and Grade C (70-79) is “generally not acceptable”. It is taken into account and requires a follow-up inspection. .. If the score is less than 70 or if there is a serious violation that cannot be resolved immediately, the facility will be temporarily closed.

For more information about these San Bernardino County restaurants or restaurant inspections, visit: .. To file a health complaint, Or call 800 -442-2283.

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Restaurant Closures, San Bernardino County Inspections Sept. 2-8 July – Press Enterprise Source link Restaurant Closures, San Bernardino County Inspections, Sept. 2-8. July – Press Enterprise

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