REVEALED: Oldham companies ranked lowest on food hygiene


Twelve food businesses across the district have been outed with a recent food hygiene rating of 1, meaning major improvements are needed after the Oldham Times filed a Freedom of Information request.

The shocking findings included dead mice and oriental cockroaches.

Two other Oldham companies are listed on the Standards Agency (FSA) website with zero star ratings.

Burger Chef on Ashton Road and Charcoal Shawarma, also on Ashton Road, both received an overall food hygiene rating of 0 stars, meaning there is an urgent need for improvement after routine checks on October 25th.

Here is a list of Oldham companies with a one star food hygiene rating.

Dhaka Biriyani house

During a routine inspection of Dhaka Biriyani House on Featherstall Road North on January 6, two dead mice were found under a cooler.

Top cute house

During an inspection on January 19, mouse droppings were found near the tandoori oven and on shelves at Top Sweet House on Manchester Road.

Desi star

At Desi Star on Manchester Road, inspectors discovered evidence of mouse feces along with an “old dead mouse” on January 19.

Ayaan Indian Takeaway

During a visit to the Ayaan Indian Takeaway on Hollins Road on January 27, inspectors found “a lot of mouse droppings” under a sink.

Amar bazaar

During an inspection at Amar Bazaar on Lee Street, council officials found a cat on the premises.

The community’s environmental health team visited on February 10 and wrote a written report to the owner saying, “You are not allowed to have a cat in the butcher’s or in the store.”

MA brothers

During a visit to MA Brothers on Fern Street, inspectors discovered “a lot of mouse droppings”.

During the February 17th inspection, the city government officials also determined that a toilet was needed and gave the place two weeks to obtain one.

Sandwich Bar One

An inspection on May 15 found evidence of mice at Sandwich Bar One on Garforth Street in Chadderton.

Central Snooker Club

The Central Snooker Club at Anchor Mill on Daisy Street was reminded of social distancing measures after inspectors saw eight people playing at a pool table on May 26.

The club was also directed to throw away its damaged microwave (immediately) and clean the other microwave and refrigerator.

Madina Grocer Limited

Two dead oriental cockroaches were found by inspectors in a tub under shelves at Madina Grocers Limited on Pitt Street.

There was also evidence of mice at the grocers, according to a written report left by inspectors on August 25.

Chaudry grocery store

During an August 25 inspection, inspectors saw evidence of mouse droppings throughout the Chaudry Food Store on Bolton Street.

Evidence of rat feces was also found in the back of the shop.

Green Hill Grocery Store

An inspection on August 25 found mouse droppings on the floor of the Green Hill Food Store on Sickle Street.

A1 Sweet Center

An inspection on October 2 found evidence of mice at the A1 Sweet Center on Ashton Road.


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