RISE Pest Control Des Moines provides high quality pest control services in Grimes, IA

Grimes, IA – RISE Pest Control Des Moines has long provided high quality pest control and extermination services, making them specialists in their field. When pest controllers visit a property, they usually offer a free investigation. The specialist will study the severity of the disease and determine which pests are involved in this visit. The exterminator can begin treatment immediately if the problem is severe enough. In the case of a minor infestation, however, a new appointment is planned as soon as possible. The focus is on locating the source of the infestation and finding a quick and efficient solution.

Their long-term success has been made possible by their dedicated staff and the introduction of new and effective pest control technologies. This has won the pest control company’s trust in neighboring cities and other RISE pest control locations including Minneapolis, Kansas City, and others.

The experts at RISE Pest Control Des Moines use a proven pest control process that starts with a full inspection, treatment and maintenance. This inspection sets the company apart from its competitors in the industry, who go out of their way to determine the level of pest infestation and miss hidden areas that could cause greater damage. After identifying the main causes of infestation on the client’s property, the initial inspection is crucial to identify and assess the severity of the damage to facilitate pest removal and prevention of future infestation.

The RISE Pest Control Des Moines team consists of pest industry experts who have undergone extensive training. In addition to their training and expertise, their technicians are tested and approved by the relevant government authorities. RISE Pest Control Des Moines treats a wide variety of pests including crickets, cockroaches, spiders, earwigs, millipedes and centipedes, wasps, springtails, stink bugs, ants, beetles and other beetles. Pest control is also available from the Pest Control Team.

RISE Pest Control Des Moines has provided exceptional service to the residents of Grimes, IA and has received numerous reviews from satisfied customers, one of whom said, “Jacob was our technician today. He was friendly and explained everything that was done in our house. We have been with this company for almost two years and have never had any problems making appointments! All of their staff are great! Well done!”

To learn more about RISE Pest Control Des Moines visit the office at 3905 SE Grimes Blvd # E, Grimes, IA, 50111, US. Further information can be found at https://www.risepestcontrol.com/des-moines/.

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