Saginaw schools say no to paying for mosquito repellent properties near the new school

SAGINAW COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) – A stalemate between Saginaw Schools and Saginaw County continues.

County owned land that the school is looking to buy for its new high school campus is priced at $ 10 million, which is more than the school authorities are willing to pay.

The land the school wants is where the Saginaw County Mosquito Control and Abatement is based. The county estimated that it would cost the department about $ 10 million to move, which the school district should pay for.

It appears that Saginaw schools have told the county that they are looking for other options.

Bierlein Companies has equipment to begin demolishing the long-disused bean elevator on the corner of Niagara and Congress streets near the Saginaw River. The demolition could begin in the next two weeks.

At this location, the Saginaw schools will build a new arena-style sports field house and a football stadium. A new high school is also being built on the site as part of the district’s $ 100 million project.

The Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission is located next to the Bean Elevator property, along with the county’s administrative offices.

The county commissioned a study that suggested that moving these operations to the land on Davenport Avenue would cost about $ 10 million.

School and county officials have negotiated, but Saginaw county controller Robert Belleman said negotiations were over by that time and the school county had told county it would not pay to move mosquito control and said that the money raised for the loan proposal cannot be used in this way.

It’s not clear how the high school complex’s plan will change now that mosquito control stays in place. Saginaw Public Schools Superintendent Ramont Roberts didn’t return an email Wednesday asking for comment on the district’s next steps.

The district’s first day of class is Monday.

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