Shops in Northwood Village closed for termite treatment


WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – A building in one of the most popular blocks of Northwood Village in West Palm Beach is closing this week for some unwanted guests.

Robert Cardoza said Asian underground termites have moved into a building on the 500 block on Northwood Road. He’s working on kicking her out.

“They’re a little bigger and more aggressive, and the colonies are much larger (than regular termites),” said Cardoza, who works for Apex Pest Control. “They come from underground. I think they originally came out of the port of Palm Beach a few years ago and are expanding into that area.”

Cardoza said termites have a tendency to flock to wetlands and older buildings are more at risk. Chubby’s Dog Walk staff take extra precautions.

While Chubby’s was open on Monday, it will also be temporarily closed.

“We’re lucky not to be directly affected, but they have to camp the entire complex and we have to be closed for a few days,” said Fred Marrow.

Cardoza said it would cost about $ 11,000 to destroy a property this size.

“But we can get away with it,” said Marrow. “As soon as it is fumigated, as soon as we have our occupancy certificate, everything is fine.”

Business owners hope to reopen by Friday.


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