Sleep well and don’t let the bugs bite – seriously | Local news from Grand Island


At night they come out to eat. The bed bugs locate the food source by increasing carbon dioxide levels and by sensing body heat. They usually feed on areas not covered by clothing, usually around the head, neck, arms and shoulders, or even the legs and ankles.

Determining bed bug infestation by bite marks is not the most reliable method. Recent research has shown that bed bugs are fed in random patterns, rather than multiple times in a row as was previously thought. To make matters worse, not everyone reacts to bed bug bites in the same way. Some people react strongly to the bites while others may show no reaction at all.

Just looking at bite marks is not the best way to tell if you have bed bugs. Identification of the insect is required to confirm bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs use a variety of methods to infest. These insects are excellent hitchhikers. They can crawl into the luggage in hotels or come with overnight guests, hang on clothes or hide in personal items such as purses and diaper bags.

In apartments or residential situations with a higher density, they can move and infest neighboring rooms or apartments or sit and wait for new tenants to move in. They can also be indented in used or flea market items such as sofas, vacuum cleaners, or mattresses.


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