Slog PM: The Seattle Times endorses Sarah Perry, Bed Bug Sub Hits Object, but who knows why, and where is the record store opening? – slog

“Ahoy, buddy!” said the bed bugs. Courtesy of the damn Navy

Feel they are getting into a PR nightmare Senate Republicans have made an abrupt U-turn and agreed with Dems to extend the debt ceiling (the government’s ability to borrow money) until December – a move that could potentially have avoided a global economic emergency. (Sorry, we don’t give the GOP the honor of doing what was just “the decent thing”)

So! The Seattle Times Editorial Board and the Stranger Election Control Board agree. Elect Sarah Perry for the King County Council.

Thanks to the @seattletimes Ed Board of Directors for revoking their approval of Councilor Lambert.

I want to thank our party leaders @Tinapo and @ShastiConrad, my fellow councilors, chosen friends, and the community for their support. Now working again. Https://
– Girmay Zahilay (@GirmayZahilay) October 7, 2021

For your information: The general election memos of the Stranger Election Control Board will be published next Wednesday and the ballot papers will be sent out on the same day.

Yesterday Charles reviewed the racist email from Councilor Kathy Lambert on Slog PM directed against fellow Councilor Girmay Zahilay: Lambert seems to have held on to her outrage. She told KING 5 that it was “ridiculous” that their actions were racist and said, “I work a lot in Africa, so if I objected to him because of the color of his skin, I wouldn’t be doing the work that I do in Africa make. “She had a lot of time to learn from her mistakes.

Holy shit, she keeps saying it
– Rich Smith (@richsssmith) October 7, 2021

Gay City has a new home: They hope to move into the Pine Bellevue office building at 400 E Pine by the end of the year, reports the Capitol Hill Seattle blog.

Gay City finds a new home on Capitol Hill
– jseattle (@jseattle) October 7, 2021

Subflub: A Bremerton-based submarine called the USS Connecticut, which is described as “one of the most advanced and secret submarines in the US Navy”, hit an “object” in the South China Sea on October 2, the Navy announced today. 11 seafarers were injured, none of which is life-threatening. Here is the Navy:

The submarine remains in a safe and stable condition. The nuclear power plant and the rooms of the USS Connecticut were not affected and remain fully functional. The extent of the damage to the rest of the submarine is assessed. The US Navy has not requested any help. The incident is being investigated.

Maybe we can … blame bed bugs? The USS Connecticut has a history of nasty bed bugs. This is from March of this year:

It had gotten so bad that some crew members slept in chairs or on the floor of the crew cash register during their deployment to escape the elusive bloodsuckers, said a non-commissioned officer.

“People were eaten alive in their racks,” said the NCO, who claims that the infestation has spread to several crew berths and at least one officers’ cabin.


“If someone is sleep deprived because they are being eaten alive by bed bugs, he could fall asleep at (the controls) and run us into an underwater mountain. “ said the sergeant.

Just saying.

A new report from the Senate Judiciary Committee describes the extraordinary efforts Trump made in attempting to overthrow the 2020 elections. Urging GOP leaders across the country to declare massive electoral fraud and intimidating the Justice Department to the point of near-mass resignations. Please no Trump 2024.

Meanwhile, Trump and his lawyers are advising his former aides– including Mark Meadows, Kash Patel, Dan Scavino and Stephen Bannon – to ignore subpoenas before Congress and answer questions about the former president’s involvement in the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol. (Good! We’d love to see all of these guys in jail.)

Pfizer Pharma asks the FDA for emergency approval of their COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11, and an FDA advisory committee agreed to look into it at a meeting later this month.

Good luck trying to go to the San Juans: The lack of staff leads to many cancellations.

Today in “Things We Don’t Talk About Enough”: “Artist Lays Trump’s Hollywood Star In Coffin To Highlight Preventable COVID-19 Deaths.”

People are eating the news that William Shatner is going into space thanks to Jeff Bezos’ Kent-based Blue Origin: “Bezos is reaching for a star,” read a New York Times headline today, with snappy lines like: “The race to be a billionaire in space is going on whether we choose to pay attention or not. Of course, billionaires would prefer that we did. ” . ”

We’re not Musk fanboys but we’ve been thinking about this exchange all week:

From @karaswisher’s interview with @elonmusk at #CodeCon, Musk shares what he thinks about Jeff Bezos recently contesting SpaceX’s NASA contract – and the Blue Origin rocket
– Vox Media (@voxmedia) September 29, 2021

What do you call the neighborhood around the Seattle Center: Lower Queen Anne? Uptown? West Seattle Center? The question came up today because we mentioned a new record store was opening in Queen Anne and someone complained on Reddit that we should have said Uptown.

The city calls it Uptown: Seattle City Councilor Andrew Lewis proposed a resolution earlier this year to officially name the area Uptown. It passed 8-0 (Strauss didn’t vote) and Google followed suit and updated their card. But culturally … the name doesn’t seem to stick.

call the lower Queen Anne “Uptown”
– Callie 🍋 (@calliecraighead) April 13, 2021

Nathalie Graham texted Councilor Lewis back in April about his resolution: Here is what he said.

What do you say to people who think change is stupid?

Lewis: “Uptown is in the process of forging its own unique identity apart from Queen Anne. They asked me to come up with a resolution confirming the name Uptown for the neighborhood. People can call it what they want, but it’s clear that uptowners want this to be the official name. “

We stay with Lower Queen Anne: But we’re open to uptown. That means we have no skin in this game; most of us live on Capitol Hill 🙃

I am uptown positive.
– Queen Anne Greenways (@QAGreenways) October 7, 2021

The neighborhoods are: Seattle Center, LQA, UQA, Nickerson and that’s all I’ll accept. While uptown makes sense, things that make sense aren’t allowed in Seattle
– matthew, igivearod shepherd (@ msea1) October 7, 2021

I love that Uptown is down the hill!
– Share The Cities Action Fund (@STCActionFund) October 7, 2021

I’m Queen Anne / Uptown eclectic, but I hope we can all agree that Seattle Center is its own, non-neighborhood establishment, like an embassy or something. Seattle Center is not in any neighborhood.
– Ryan Packer (@typewriteralley) October 7, 2021

Wait, wait, one last thing: Is Shaq in Uptown?

Okay, @SHAQ is riding a scooter down a Seattle street wearing an @ SeattleKraken jersey. By the way, he made it back up the hill. @NBAonTNT #KOMONews
– Doug Pigsley (@DougPigsleyKOMO) October 7, 2021

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