Solution found to rat infestation afflicting North Providence

City councils agreed on harsh penalties for those who fail to secure dumpsters properly.

11/17/2021 11:29 PM


Emotional testimony, heard Wednesday night, described the agony of North Providence residents who are still afraid to leave their homes a year and a half after reports of piles of trash causing rat infestation. “It’s been a year and a half and I can’t go outside. My dogs cannot go outside. People’s dogs are bitten by rats, ”says local resident Ms. Rankin. “The problem is getting worse.”

Anthony Tudino, the owner of A&D Exterminators in Providence, confirmed what he believes is the cause of the problem: unsecured dumpsters in four separate business and apartment complexes. “There were open rubbish bins right there in the four areas that we identified. Two of them had garbage right on the floor. “

However, the neighbors say this is nothing new and express their frustration at the time it took council members to find the root of the problem and take action. “These four areas that we are talking about have been reported to the city since June 2020. It’s a year and a half later. I called the city, I took pictures, we were told that these plots were quoted. I appreciate the fact that we’re all trying to get up, but it’s gross from the residents’ point of view. “

#BREAKING: Source of rat infestation believed to be identified in #north Providence According to pest control expert Anthony Tudino from A&P Pest Control: Open dumpsters at 4 locations in the city are the source. Mayor Lombardi says these 4 property owners will be visited tomorrow.

– EmmalynReid (@Emmalyn_Reid) November 17, 2021

North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi says that despite the delay, the city wants to take immediate action in a letter that will be mailed to the violators tomorrow morning with the following message: “The only thing I can guarantee you That is, these four people are going to be visited tomorrow morning. ”Should the recipients of these letters fail to respond or respond within 10 days, tickets will be sent out, incurring mandatory fines of 100 to 500 US dollars per day in court threaten. “Since you are not following the laws we already have on the books, it is your responsibility to hire an exterminator to fix the problem,” says District 2 councilor Stefano Famiglietti.

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