Spider infestation in four schools forces closure

Around four schools in east London were closed for a month after a spider infestation was discovered. According to a report by The Independent, principals in two elementary and two secondary schools were forced to close schools because of the poisonous insect infestation. The school’s students work online until the problem is resolved.

Charlotte Robinson, Headmistress of Rokeby School in Newham, stated in a letter to parents: “The safety and well-being of students and staff must be our priority in the best interests of the child to stay at home and out of school.

He went on to explain that a company hired to eradicate the pests said the process would take three weeks, the Guardian report said. In addition, the swarms must be treated before the spider eggs hatch.

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After the Newham Council was informed of the local infestation, another secondary school, the Lister Community School in Plaistow, was also closed. A Newham Council spokesman issued a statement to the Newham Recorder detailing the problem. He said the four were closed to deal with a spider infestation with “noble false widows,” the same report said.

The statement reads: “The spiders only bite if they are mistreated or provoked. The poison is not particularly strong. Often times the symptoms are no worse than the pain of a wasp sting; However, additional precautions must be taken for those at risk, that is, those under five, the elderly, or those taking medication. “

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