Spring brings carpenter bees, new threats to homes

Flies, ants and beetles always return in spring. This year marks a bumper crop of carpenter bees drilling holes in houses.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – The sunny spring days of April include beautiful blooms and all of the pests and critters that disturb our homes.

Some insects are just a nuisance, while others can cause real harm. Whatever the pest, spring is always a busy time of year for Will Bullard of Dayton’s Pest Control in Knoxville.

“A lot of common pests usually appear in the spring,” Bullard said. “Termites are starting to swarm. They swarm every spring.

Of all the seasonal pests, this year seems particularly busy for a large buzzing bee hovering on wooden surfaces.

“We are having an excellent year for carpenter bees. We are getting more calls than ever for these. They seem to be working to the full,” said Bullard. “They are wood-boring bees that look like bumblebees. You float. They aren’t gregarious so you won’t see a crush of them. If you see floating bees with sawdust or entry and exit holes, you may need carpenter bee treatment. “

Not all things that buzz are bad. Honey bees and other pollinators are vital to plants. But you want to seal all entry points to keep the best and worst insects out of your home.

For carpenter bees, you can often see self-made traps in front of log houses in the mountains. Bullard said the traps won’t hurt anything, but you’ll need to treat the wood with a repellent to really protect the house.

“These traps, they’ll catch some. So let’s say you walk into one of those carpenter bee traps that catches that one bee. But what about the other bee that digs 3 meters into the forest? So that your house is not damaged. It is imperative that you spray the surface with a pyrethrin treatment to prevent it from boring into the wood. “

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