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DEAR JOAN: My drawback is fruit flies. And extra fruit flies. And much more fruit flies.

I’ve tried all the things I may discover on the Web — apple cider vinegar with a drop of cleaning soap, pink wine with a drop of cleaning soap, 4 completely different sorts of sticky sheets, and one model of hanging sticky strips. I additionally purchased a “Katchy Computerized” indoor insect and flying bug lure from Amazon for $47.99, which I shall be returning as a result of it has solely caught a half dozen fruit flies within the three weeks I’ve had it. I additionally purchased an “Aunt Fannies Flypunch” fruit fly lure from Amazon, which I’ll in all probability find yourself returning additionally, because it has not caught any fruit flies within the week I’ve had it.

I’m open to and begging for any options you might need, in need of exterminator firms which cost $200+ for one therapy.

Stephen Reynolds, Santa Cruz

DEAR STEPHEN: Eliminating fruit flies, as you’ve sadly witnessed for your self, might be tough, and it includes a two-prong assault. It seems that, to torture a metaphor, you’ve been combating them with only one.

It’s important to battle the adults, which you’ve been doing with varied traps, however you additionally need to eliminate the eggs, larva and pupae.

Earlier than doing something, although, you need to make sure that it’s fruit flies which are pestering you. As your traps aren’t working, you could possibly be going after the mistaken fly. Fruit flies usually are confused with drain flies, phorid flies and fungus gnats. Your county’s Mosquito and Vector Management District, or space Grasp Gardeners, may be capable of help you with an identification.

Let’s simply assume you’ve obtained fruit flies. They seem, as if conjured by Voldemort or another depraved wizard, when your fruit begins to recover from ripe, however it’s not simply fruit. The flies might be attracted by something that’s fermenting or fermented, together with greens and opened bottles of wine and beer. They like damp areas, so even a not too long ago used mop can entice them.

Whereas grownup fruit flies solely reside about 25 to 50 days, the females can lay as much as 500 eggs at a time, and the eggs hatch in 24 to 30 hours.

You’ll want to do a deep clear of all these yucky locations we want to not take into consideration, primarily drains and the rubbish disposal. You need to maintain your fruit within the fridge or in air-tight containers, throw out fruit that’s headed to the over-ripe stage, and regularly empty the trash and countertop compost containers till you don’t have an issue any longer.

It can take time to change into fruit fly free, and within the meantime, you’ve obtained a brand new passion.


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