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Dear Readers, Most of us are familiar with the problem of invasive cockroaches. Act as soon as you spot them. If you don’t want to use chemical pesticides to get rid of them, use this non-toxic, homemade remedy to get rid of these common household pests.

Mix equal parts boric acid powder and any of the following: flour, corn flour or sugar. Then pour this mixture onto yogurt or margarine lids and place them where you see the cockroaches. They walk through the mixture and when they clean their tentacles and legs they ingest the poison. The boric acid powder will kill them, but it will take a little time.

WARNING: Make sure your children (or pets) do not come in contact with this powdered mixture. Let them know to stay away from it. – Heloise


Dear Heloise, I have a few options to save: When the bread is almost ready, make French toast or croutons. Use croutons as a snack or in soup or salad. You can make your own garlic bread and add it to a meal or two to save your money.

If you have leftover eggs from french toast, go ahead and stir it. And it tastes sweet from the bread. Fry any leftover onions and stir an egg or two into the onion and it will have an onion-like taste. Add a piece of toast and you have a nice breakfast or snack.

Quickly make a piece of toast, place a slice of cheese on top and place under your grill to melt the cheese for an open grilled cheese sandwich.

If you have leftover spaghetti, you can drizzle with olive oil, red pepper flakes, and parsley. Do you need a kick? Squeeze some lemon in it and mix. You can also add a little grated lemon peel. Leftover chicken is also a good addition. – Jan Hepner, by email

Jan, these are delicious ideas that will help you save on your grocery bills by not wasting leftovers. By reusing them, you can make some delicious food creations. – Heloise


Dear Reader, Windows in our houses get dusty and dirty and need to be cleaned, a task that we may be scared of. But here’s a way to make them glow again. To clean, simply mix 1/2 to 1 cup of white household vinegar with 1/2 gallon of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray all of the window surfaces with a generous amount of the vinegar mixture. Then dry well. The windows should be streak-free. You can also use this solution for the mirrors in your house. – Heloise


Dear Heloise: Fighting with clean pillowcases has always frustrated me. Trying to get the corners exactly is exhausting. Try the following: Whenever you remove a used pillowcase, simply unfold it by turning it inside out. Leave it that way when you wash and dry it. When you put it back on the pillow, do the opposite. Take the short seam on the case and line it up with the short seam on the pillow. Then unfold or fold it over the pillow. These wide angles will be in place with no struggle. – Janet B. Wood, Rutland, Vt.


Dear Heloise, in your last column I saw a letter in which a lady had problems finding her car in the parking lot. This has happened to me before, but I found a way around it!

Whenever I park my car in an unfamiliar location, I try to remember to use my phone to take a picture of something nearby, e.g. It helps a lot when I try to get back to my car. Maybe this can help someone else in the future. – Patty, Waco, Texas

Patty, another great way to use your phone! – Heloise

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