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MEMPHIS, Tennessee – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Dec. October 2021–

As fall officially begins and the weather begins to cool, Terminix Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: TMX), a leader in providing critical pest, termite, and rodent control services to residential and commercial customers, today has a listing of the Top 50 published most rodent infested cities in America.

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Terminix reveals America’s most rodent-infested cities. Did your city make the list? (Photo: Business Wire)

Terminix released the list ahead of Rodent Awareness Week, as set by the National Pest Management Association October 17-23, 2021. The week is designed to raise awareness about rodents by promoting public knowledge about the pests and the dangers they pose to the home and health.

The City of Angels came in first, followed by New York City in second, Philadelphia in third, San Francisco in fourth and Dallas-Ft. Worth fifth. The state of Florida had the most cities on the list with six cities, followed by California with five cities.

“As the seasons change and lower temperatures arrive, rats and mice will look for warm, safe places to live, including our homes,” said Dan Baldwin, director of technical and regulatory services at Terminix. “As pest control experts and an industry leader, Terminix knows how to deal with rodent infestations. Our teams understand the biology and behavior of these pests that can damage homes and potentially spread pathogens.”

Terminix based the ranking on the number of requests for help with rats and / or mice from each city over the past year. * The top 50 cities in the US for rodent infestation are:

1. Los Angeles, California.

2. New York, NY

3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

4. San Francisco, California.

5. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

6. Chicago, sick.

7. Washington, DC

8. Houston, Texas

9. Atlanta, Georgia.

10. Boston, mass.

11. Detroit, Me.

12. Baltimore, Maryland.

13. Cleveland, Ohio

14. Tampa, Florida.

15. Orlando, Florida.

16. Memphis, Tennessee.

17. Seattle, Washington.

18. Sacramento, California.

19. Cincinnati, Ohio

20. Denver, Colorado.

21. Hartford, Conn.

22. Columbus, Ohio

23. Miami, Florida.

24. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

25. Indianapolis, Ind.

26. San Diego, California.

27. Minneapolis, Minn.

28. Little Rock, Ark.

29. Phoenix, Aris.

30. San Antonio, Texas

31. West Palm Beach, Florida.

32nd St. Louis, Mo.

33. Nashville, Tenn.

34. Birmingham, Ala.

35. Honolulu, Hawaii

36. Austin, Texas

37. Louisville, Ky.

38. Mobil, Ala.

39. Albany, NY

40. Milwaukee, Wis.

41. Fresno, California.

42nd Providence, RI

43. Portland, Ore.

44. Jacksonville, Florida.

45. Kansas City, Mo.

46. ​​Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

47. Shreveport, La.

48. Harrisburg, Pa.

49. Chattanooga, Tenn.

50th Ft. Myers, Florida.

These uninvited guests can cause significant damage to homes. Mice can fit through an opening only a quarter of an inch wide, which is about the width of a pencil. Once in the house, rodents can:

  • Gnaw and scratch household items, including furniture, books, clothing, carpets, and items that have high emotional value.
  • Cleaning up groceries and gnawing through food storage bins in cupboards and pantries.
  • Eat from food bowls and chew through food boxes and bags.
  • Gnawing on electrical wiring, which can cause equipment failure or a fire.
  • Chew through insulation in walls and attics.
  • Make nests in walls, attics and air ducts and create unpleasant smells that can fill adjoining rooms.

But rats and mice can be much more than just a nuisance. More importantly, these pests can also pose serious public health threats. With their urine and feces, rodents can contaminate food, bedding, clothing, and other areas of the home. If left untreated, rodent infestation can lead to the spread of germs that cause diseases such as hantavirus, rat bite fever and salmonellosis.

Although rats and mice can sometimes live undetected in the home, there are some tell-tale signs that homeowners can look out for. Common signs of a rodent infestation are:

  • Small droppings around the house, including the backs of drawers and cupboards, and on the floor along walls
  • Holes or gnaw marks in food packaging
  • Chewed wires or materials
  • Urine stains on shelves and on the back of drawers and cupboards
  • Footprints and tail trails in dust or other powder
  • Nesting materials (paper, cardboard, insulation materials, other fibrous materials)
  • Scratching or knocking on walls

For more information, visit Terminix.com or call 1-800-Terminix.

* This ranking was created by compiling rodent-specific data from Terminix stores across the country. The rankings represent Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) with the most leads received between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.

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