Termite Company Settles Lawsuit With Southern Alabamians

The deadline for a $ 60 million Terminix settlement in Alabama ends today.

Residents of Mobile, Baldwin, and Monroe counties are eligible for the payout. They experienced annual service rate increases with no effective annihilation. Terminix was struggling to deal with the Formosa termite species. The difficult-to-kill variety entered the United States via the port of Mobile.

Senior attorney Dan Taliaferro said Terminix had raised tariffs on an exorbitant salary plan.

“There were more termite problems, and since there was no adequate treatment to counter them, there were many more termite claims. As a result, Terminix increased their annual termite protection rate and they were not protected, ”he said.

The Terminix benchmark fund still has about $ 19 million to distribute. Taliaferro also stated that approximately 20,000 South Alabans are eligible to participate.

“We had two classes of people: the existing customers who paid for these high rate increases,” he said. “There were over 4,000 of them. And then 16,000 people who switched to other services because the Terminix rate increase was so high. ”

Southern Alabamians can request the withdrawal at terminixfund.com. Terminix has stopped its rate increases and has changed management since the lawsuit.

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