Termites do not actually eat wood, their queen lays almost 30,000 eggs a day and more termite knowledge

Termite problems are a tricky thing because, aside from simply changing their location – the reason you need to treat your whole house and not just the termite attack area – termite colonies abound, as termite queens are said to lay nearly 30,000 eggs a day .

In fact, laying eggs is pretty much the only thing termite queens do. It can lay eggs every three seconds or about 30,000 eggs in 24 hours.

In an episode of “Born to be Wild” the veterinarian and presenter Dr. Ferdz Recio that a queen termite found in the royal chamber in the middle of a mountain is the best protected member of a colony.

According to Recio, the continued growth of a colony cannot be stopped when a queen is alive.

Worker termites then fetch the eggs and take care of them. They are also the ones who take care of a queen, who build colonies and, as such, get food, labor termites are what we usually see.

Soldier termites are now the ones who protect the entire colony from the front lines. With their two mandibles, they fight insects that threaten their home.

Contrary to what we know, termites don’t directly feed on wood. They simply use wood to make their own food in a mushroom garden found in their tunnels.

“They don’t eat the wood themselves. They take it, put it in the lining of the tunnel to become a mushroom that will eventually become their food,” Recio said.

[They don’t directly eat wood. They get it, put it in their tunnels’ lining so it becomes fungus, which then eventually, becomes their food. They just need the wood in order for them to manufacture their own food.]

Termites love dark and humid areas, so keep your home dry and well-lit. Should you still find termites, be sure to get your whole house treated – not just the area where termites are found, as they will just change locations and wreak the same havoc. – Franchesca Friday / LA, GMA News

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