The 6 best house guarantee companies in October 2021 | Personal finance

Who pays the home guarantee, the buyer or the seller?

Sellers can pay for a home warranty plan to make their listing more attractive and protect their budget while the home is in the market. Homebuyers can also purchase one from their real estate agent or home guarantee provider before closing a deal. Ultimately, it comes down to how the local real estate market usually deals with it.

Does a house guarantee cover the plumbing installation?

Yes, most home warranty companies offer coverage for plumbing systems and business interruptions. This can include pipe leaks and breaks, toilet flush mechanisms, water softener pipes, and blockages in drains, vents and / or sewers.

Does a home guarantee require a home inspection?

Most home guarantee companies don’t require a home inspection when you purchase one of their comprehensive plans. Nevertheless, we recommend consumers to have an inspection carried out by an expert in order to be able to document the condition of their systems and devices before purchasing the guarantee.

How we selected the best home guarantee companies

Our methodology focused on four key factors: transparency of the services offered, claims handling, cost and quality of customer service.

In addition, we have taken into account criteria such as contract duration, the type of disruptions or failures covered, payout limits, cost efficiency and service fees.

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