The boss of Old Trafford Takeaway has fined £ 12,000 for mice and cockroach infestations

A takeaway chef at Old Trafford was fined £ 12,000 after a terrible mouse and cockroach infestation was discovered on his premises.

Trafford Council Environmental Health officials were shocked to find large numbers of mouse droppings and cockroaches during a routine visit near the counter of Latif’s takeaway at 381a Stretford Road in Old Trafford. There were also cans of coleslaw for sale that were 95 DAYS from their use-by date.

Umar Latif, former director of S Dean & Co Limited, which operated Latif’s, pleaded guilty to 10 food hygiene violations in Manchester Magistrates Court.

These included the lack of adequate pest control procedures, failing to keep premises in a clean condition, selling unsafe food due to food past the expiration date, failing to train grocers and not having an adequate management system to control the risks Food safety.

Mr Latif was fined a total of £ 12,000 and sentenced to pay £ 1,500 to Trafford Council and a victim surcharge of £ 190 for the crimes uncovered during visits in January, August and September 2020.

The court heard that council officials first visited the premises on Jan. 30, 2020 to conduct a routine food hygiene inspection. During the visit, they found mouse droppings and an infestation with German cockroaches all around the service counter. Officials also found that the food contact premises and equipment were dirty, staff had no food hygiene training, food safety management system requirements were not being implemented, and several containers of coleslaw had passed their expiration date.

As a result, due to the public health hazard, officials immediately closed the premises and gave the shop a rating of 0 out of 5. Several visits were made to the premises before it was allowed to reopen.

On August 18, 2020, the environmental health officers returned to the premises and found again that the requirements of the food safety management system had not been implemented and the premises were dirty. A follow-up visit was held on September 22, 2020 and similar problems were found.

Based on the established circumstances, the owner was charged and summoned to court.

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