The City of Cambridge is launching a Rodent Control Program on Private Property to expand rat control efforts in the city

The City of Cambridge today announced the launch of a new rodent control program on private property to help residents fight rat problems on private property.

“We have heard from local residents that rats are more common and noticeable, and it appears to be a regional problem that many cities and towns are currently facing,” said Louis A. DePasquale, Cambridge City Manager. “While our Public Works and Inspection Services Department has done a great job handling complaints, we hope this new program will provide additional support to curb activity on private property.”

The city has signed a contract with a pest control company to offer a new residential rodent control aid program aimed at controlling rats in the exteriors of private properties as part of the city’s wider rodent control efforts. This program is available to residential properties in Cambridge of four (4) units or fewer and offers inspections and a minimum of three bait / catch / follow-up checks within 60 days at no cost to the resident.

Both owners and renters can apply, and anyone 18 and over living in the property must sign a consent form and release form to consent to this service. Once approved for the program, both City of Cambridge Inspectional Services and pest control companies will inspect the property and provide specific feedback on issues that should be addressed to prevent rodent activity.

Rodents are an inevitable part of life in any city, but the City of Cambridge is committed to addressing this problem in a variety of ways – by addressing rodent issues on public property, working to control rodents during construction projects, and enforcing sanitary rules and regulations , Public education and more.

Visit for the link to apply for the Rodent Control Program for Private Property, information on reporting rodent sightings, materials to educate residents about rat control, and more.

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