The Hawaii unemployment assistance call center is closed until Monday for pest control treatment


    The Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has temporarily suspended operations at the Hawai’i Convention Center through Monday as the work area is undergoing pest control treatment.

The Hawaiian Department of Labor and Labor Relations has temporarily suspended its unemployment insurance call center at the Hawai’i Convention Center until Monday as the workplace is undergoing pest control treatment, state officials said today.

“We are committed to continuing to serve our unemployment insurance applicants by routing all calls from the call center to our local UI claims points. We ask the public for patience during this time as we will be working with reduced capacity, ”said DLIR Director Anne Perreira-Eustaquio in a press release. “We appreciate the swift action taken by the Hawai’i Convention Center to resolve this situation to ensure our employees have a clean workplace to return to on Monday.”

Calls to the state call center phone number will receive an automatic reply stating the office is temporarily closed and prompting “to contact the local office for help.”

However, the record does not include any local numbers or where to find them.

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Teri Orton, general manager of the convention center, said in the statement, “The Hawaii Convention Center has a comprehensive disinfection program to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and safety for employees and guests in accordance with the guidelines of the State Department of Health.

“We immediately called in pest control specialists yesterday afternoon who identified the isolated situation in order to select rooms and public areas on the third floor that would be thoroughly treated.”

The type of pest has not been identified.

Orton said the center will remain open for events outside of the affected areas.

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