The places in France with a termite problem (and why it matters)

Termites are members of the cockroach family and their goal is to eat their way through as much wood as possible as quickly as possible, which can be a disaster for those lovely old beams and planks you find in French properties.

Finding out that these pesky creatures are roaming your home is the last thing you need – but strict laws governing property sales in France mean you need to give the all-clear about termites before you can start a sale.

A termite report must be presented to the buyer, and a “termite free” certificate must also be presented to the seller, and all checks must be performed by a listed professional who will inspect the entire home and yard.


The French Observatoire National Termite map below shows where in France a termite infestation is most likely to occur on your property, and you can also ask your town hall for information.

The darker the color of the department on the map, the higher the number of towns and villages that are known to have termites.

The southwest is a particularly vulnerable part of the country, home to termites between 75 and 100 percent of cities and villages.

A total of 54 departments in France have a type of termite presence.

Map: Observatoire National Termite

If you don’t want to wait when you sell to see whether you have an infestation, you can always have an inspection carried out.

A professional will tell you if you have an infestation, but the company that is doing the screening is not legally allowed to carry out the treatment to avoid wrongdoing.

French words that you should know

Infestation – an infestation

Termite Treatment – The treatment of termites

Seller – a seller

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