The Process of Stump Removal – Know the Benefits for Before Opting for It


When you remove a tree from a property it mostly leaves a stump behind, that is not pleasant looking. That’s the reason for which you should opt-in for stump removal. Today, a few people feel that leaving a stump behind is not a good sight. But removing a stump is essential and has several advantages as well.

The stumps aren’t pleasant

One of the most important reasons to opt-in for stump removal is that it’s not a good sight. In case you want to make your home or garden appear good, it’s essential to get rid of the stumps. To know more about it, you can check out Bruce Johnson Construction offering excavation services in Boring area.

Some of the benefits are:

  1. Improvement in appearance

The tree stumps can decline the curb appeal of the landscape. The fresh stumps can appear close to a wound on the lawn. Also, the old stump can start to lose their charm when the woods start to crumble and decay. Hence, when you remove the stump, it can erase the scar and offer a fresh canvas to your landscape that makes it appear pleasant.

  1. It brings down any hazard

Tree stumps can result in hazards. It can make someone trip over it. If a person is walking across the yard or if kids are playing in the lawn there can be scope for an unfortunate accident. Also, if you drive car in your lawn and if there is a small, overlooked stump, it can cause damage to the vehicle. Hence, it’s always good to remove the stump instead of risking your property to damage.

  1. It prevents pest

If there is an old stump, it can attract pests. The carpenter ants and termites are the common ones. The pests can move into your house when they deplete the stump. Even the animal pests will also at times get burrowed under an old stump. There are times when a stump can also have insects or disease organisms, which can infect other parts of the property. All this can result in tremendous damage to the property.

  1. Easy lawn maintenance

It gets challenging to maintain a lawn that has stump. Even if the grass grows, it’s challenging to mow the land and make use of a weed trimmer close to the stump. In case you want to forego the grass, it will be challenging to landscape around the tree stump. Also, specific tree stumps, like black walnut trees, generate compounds that stop grass and other plants in your garden from growing.

  1. It increases the space that you can use

When you have a tree stump in your garden, it occupies much space in the yard. In case you require open spaces for walkways, garden beds or the patio construction, you need to work around the stump. And this can get frustrating when you are planning a certain landscape design. So, when you remove the stump you have access to more space, that helps you get innovative with your landscaping.

These are some of the advantages of getting your tree stump removed. But make sure that you employ a reputed service provider who has the skill and expertise for it.


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