Third Asian giant hornet nest found by 2021, second nest in Whatcom County eradicated

The Washington State Department of Agriculture said the nest would be wiped out in the next few days.

WHATCOM COUNTY, Washington – The second Asian giant hornet nest of 2021 was wiped out in northern Washington on Saturday, according to the Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA).

The work of the department is not yet complete, however, as a third nest has also been found that is already to be exterminated.

The WSDA said the now-destroyed nest in northern Whatcom County had four honeycombs.

The second Asian giant hornet’s nest in 2021 was exterminated. It had four combs. Our team did an incredible job …

Posted by Washington State Department of Agriculture on Saturday September 11th, 2021

The previous nest, discovered near the northeast and wiped out last month, consisted of nine combs. The WSDA said the nest was three times larger than the one found in 2020.

The WSDA also said hornets in and around the first nest were more aggressive than those found in 2020, likely due to warmer temperatures.

The most recent eradication comes a day after the discovery was announced, after two sightings were reported in a rural area east of Blaine.

Asian giant hornets are not native to the United States. They are known to attack and destroy honey beehives. In just a few hours, a handful of hornets can destroy an entire beehive.

The WSDA relies heavily on public coverage of hornet sightings to track down and eradicate nests. The department encourages anyone who spots a hornet to report sightings on their website.

Officials said last month that it would take at least three years for the species to be declared fully extinct on the basis of protocols. With so much land in the northern part of the state, the WSDA expects it will be years before the species disappears from the state.

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