Third “Murder Hornet’s Nest” exterminated in Washington this year

The third nest, which was about 20 feet high in a tree, was wiped out Thursday morning with help from the Department of Natural Resources.

WHATCOM COUNTY, Washington – The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) wiped out the third Asian giant hornet’s nest this year in Whatcom County on Thursday morning.

The nest was found around the same time and area that the second nest of the year was found and wiped out. This second nest was wiped out on September 11th and is located east of Blaine.

However, the third nest, unlike the others, was found in a tree 20 feet above the ground so it was inaccessible without special equipment.

Now, almost two weeks later, the WSDA, with the help of experts from the Washington Department of Natural Resources, was able to fell the tree and destroy the nest.

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The WSDA said this nest was made up of 10 honeycombs, which is more than any other nest discovered in Whatcom County to date. The WSDA said the nest was home to a queen who was colored slightly different than normal, along with worker hornets.

Another #AsianGiantHornet nest exterminated, this time with the expert help from @waDNR. This was a queen of a slightly different color! Ten combs for this nest. All workers – not virgin queens or males.

– Washington State Department of Agriculture (@WSDAgov) September 23, 2021

Asian giant hornets are an invasive species in the region and can have a disastrous impact on agriculture as they can be devastating to honeybees.

Only a handful of hornets can wipe out an entire beehive.

They also have a very painful sting that can reach the skin even through thick clothing.

So far there have been four nests in northern Washington, the first being found in October 2020.

WSDA’s Karla Salp said in a Sept. 15 interview that it was encouraging that all of the nests in a given area were found. But shortly after their interview, the WSDA received a worrying report of a sighting that was much further east than other confirmed sightings.

We received a worrying report today from a suspected #AsianGiantHornet – the location is much further east than any confirmed sighting. We cannot clearly identify this picture, size, colors and shape are in accordance with AGH. Keep your eyes open and cell phones close at hand in this area!

– Washington State Department of Agriculture (@WSDAgov) September 17, 2021

The report has not been confirmed, but the WSDA urges those in the areas east of Everson and north of Deming to keep their eyes open and cameras ready.

The report has not been confirmed, but the WSDA urges those in the areas east of Everson and north of Deming to keep their eyes open and cameras ready.

“We still need people to report suspected sightings because even if we miss a nest, we will continue this process next year. So the goal is to get them all, ”said Kalp.

Last month, officials said it would be at least three years before logs could explain full extinction of the species.

With so much land in the northern part of the state, the WSDA also expects it will take years for the species to completely disappear from Washington.

The department encourages anyone discovering a giant Asian hornet to report sightings on their website.

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