This $ 9 sticky fruit fly trap has been flawed free in my home

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Fruit flies are one of the most annoying household pests in summer because once you have one, you will quickly get dozens of them. After bringing peaches and tomatoes from the farmer’s market, I suffered a fruit fly infestation and was completely overwhelmed by the swarm of tiny flies. So I went to Amazon for a quick fix for my fruit fly problem.

The Stingmon 12-Pack Fruit Fly Trap is only $ 9 on Amazon and has completely eradicated the fruit flies in my kitchen. The traps have a bright yellow color that attracts the flies and a double-sided, non-toxic sticky glue that catches the beetles. I put a couple of traps in my fruit bowl and trash can, and when I woke up the next day they were littered with dead bugs – and by the end of the week there were no more flies to be found.

The non-toxic traps are safe to use in products and floors and are not harmful to children or pets. If you have a pest problem outdoors, the glue traps are temperature resistant and waterproof so you can easily use them outdoors. The traps also come in a variety of shapes such as butterflies, birds, and flowers.

And if my assessment alone cannot convince you, over 13,500 Amazon buyers also use these sticky traps to remove fruit flies and fungus gnats from their nesting places in their products and houseplants.

“Thanks to my son’s science fair project with fruit, we developed a small fruit fly problem in May. I tried home remedies for two months to no avail,” said this reviewer. “I got these sticky traps and within 12 hours they caught almost all of the fruit flies. I am sure that by the end of the weekend I solved my two month fruit fly problem cheaply and without chemicals. Hesitate if you have fruit flies! “

One shopper wrote, “These work amazingly well. If you have fungus mosquitoes, they’re a must-have. I’ve had an infestation like this. [and] it drove me insane. Three hours after I set these traps in my plants, only a few mosquitos flew around. The rest of her brothers were stuck in the traps. I even used one in my kitchen around the produce we took from our garden and some fruit flies got stuck on it. Well worth the few dollars they cost. “

Don’t worry about fruit flies and mosquitos in your home – they’ll be gone in hours with these sticky traps from Amazon.

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