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Matt Wild, CFO of Truly Nolen; Greg Weatherly, director of acquisitions for Truly Nolen; Bob Schor, owner of Eliminex; Justin Bellet, Really Nolen COO; and Scarlett Nolen, President of Truly Nolen. PHOTO: REALLY NOLEN

Truly Nolen Pest Control recently acquired Eliminex Pest, Termite and Weed Control based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The company will operate as an independent division of Truly Nolen. Truly Nolen acquitted five pest control companies in 2021.

“We are excited to welcome Eliminex to our Truly Nolen family,” said Scarlett Nolen, president of Truly Nolen in Tucson, Ariz. And online columnist for Pest Management Professional magazine. “Your company has been an integral part of pest control in Phoenix for 40 years, so we felt it made most sense for everyone involved to share our resources with them while adding them as an independent department.”

Eliminex owner Bob Schor said he had decided to sell the company he bought in 1998 in order to retire and spend more time with his family.

“With Truly Nolen being a longstanding family business, I felt the best way to keep stability for our team members while providing resources to help Eliminex in 2022 and beyond as they understand the ins and outs of being . “Family owned,” said Schor.

About Truly Nolen Pest Control

Truly Nolen of America, based in Tucson, Arizona, was founded in 1938 and is one of the largest family-owned pest control companies in the United States. Truly Nolen has over 80 offices in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. The company also has independent and operated franchises in an ever-growing number of territories including Kentucky, Georgia, New Jersey, Canada, Puerto Rico and over 60 countries.

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