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EDISON, NJ — Voice for Pest, a leader in providing telephone and call center solutions to the pest control industry, announced its integration with CallSource, a leader in call tracking and business phone analytics. Together they are helping PCOs track online and offline marketing efforts in a seamless phone solution, the companies report.

“In order to successfully compete for new business, a digital presence in the marketplace with the ability to track campaigns while maximizing conversions and managing costs is vital,” says Raymond Kidwell, director of business development at Voice for Pest. “Our direct connection with CallSource allows us to eliminate extra call forwarding expenses built into the competitor’s fees. In addition, we maintain the uniqueness of every campaign so CSRs can identify origination through call whisper and/or screen indicator, and we can prioritize calls based on their source.”

CallSource says it provides the most robust digital attribution, marketing analytics and performance management platforms. “The strategy for partnering with Voice for Pest, the number one phone system in the Pest Industry, is three-fold,” says Jas Jackson, vice president of business development at CallSource. “One, our integration provides huge upfront cost savings for tracking online digital attribution and offline advertising campaigns. Two, for the first time in the industry, PCOs can identify true advertising ROI with our ability to connect keywords and calls to monthly revenue through Voice for Pest’s CRM integrations. Three, our suite of managed services including call scoring, alert notifications, CSR coaching, and review responding can help improve the customer experience allowing PCOs to become even better operators and increase their cash flow.”

CallSource includes rreal-time dashboards, Google analytics integration, reporting and has the ability to track website visitors and calls. CallSource also provides the ability to track texts, chats, and webform submissions in one easy-to-use platform. CallSource analyzes each inbound call to verify if the caller is indeed a qualified lead and whether the CSR booked the call or alert you if the call was a missed opportunity.

Voice for Pest also has its call recording system integrated with CallSource so they can offer independent CSR Performance Analytics on any inbound or outbound campaign. CSR Coaching and Review Management services allow a PCO to capitalize on their sales and marketing efforts, the company says.


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