University of Michigan closes library after poisonous spiders are found

A University of Michigan library was closed for two days this week after three poisonous spiders were found in the basement.

The Mediterranean recluse spiders – whose bites can cause skin irritation or even tissue death – were discovered in late January at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library on the school’s campus in Ann Arbor.

Anne Danielson-Francois, a professor at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, later identified one of the creepy crawlers.

The library was closed on Sunday and Monday.

However, university spokeswoman Kim Broekhuizen said staff closed the building due to a misunderstanding.

“We apologize for the inconvenience to the university community,” she said in a statement to the Detroit Free Press.

Regardless, as a precautionary measure, the library was still being treated for spiders on Monday, the report said.

The spiders were not present in a public area of ​​the library, and Danielson-Francois said they pose no great danger unless humans come into close contact with them.

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